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  • GRENWAYZ 03-13-13 | 11:38 AM
  • I have a question for all the mom's on here. I am 26 weeks pregnant with my third child. i have a 10yr old and a 3yr old i am 32yrs old I have been trying to keep my weight down with this pregnancy i eat healthy for most of the time. i try and go for walks for the exercise. but it's getting really really hard for me to walk anywhere. I am 5'1'' i was 140lbs before this pregnancy i was still working on losing the weight i put on from my last child and i am 173lbs now. ive put on alot of weight.which i am not happy about. i try to go out shopping but just walking around my back starts hurting really bad and my pelvic starts hurting. and then i have to go home and lay down in my bed for the rest of the day. every one keeps telling me that exercise keeps your weight down but why cant i do it. i see all these pregnant moms out there that are skinny threw there whole pregnancy and snap right back. it kinda makes me depressed.