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I can't gain weight!!

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  • Elizabeth Elizabeth's Avatar 03-27-12 | 05:02 PM
  • I wish i had that metabolism! Im sure its fine as long as your doctor thinks so. If you want to gain though, you will need to eat a little more every day. maybe add an extra snack.
  • Sugarncream 04-17-12 | 05:06 AM
  • A lot of pregnancy sites say that it is normal to not gain any weght in the first trimester or even loose a lil. I myself lost ffour pounds in my first three months I was 97 pounds an dropped down to 93. But I. Gradually gained it back. Now at 32 weeks in I weigh 130 pounds an he s as healthy as can be. Don't worry about gaining wieght I'm sure it will come. Have a happy pregnancy!
Thank you Sugarncream!
Ms.Anderson (04-18-12)
  • Ms.Anderson 04-18-12 | 10:40 AM
  • how far along are you now?
  • Payday1989 04-18-12 | 09:31 PM
  • My son is now almost 3, but when I was pregnant, for the first 5-6 months I went up and down but never went over my pre-pregnancy weight, but once 6 months hit, that's when I gained everything. I wouldn't worry. My son was born at 38 weeks, 7lb 12oz and 20 in and now he's 34lbs and 37 in.
  • TLBT TLBT's Avatar 04-26-12 | 08:21 PM
  • with my last baby, I gained 8 lbs, and he weighed 8.1 lbs ... I was diabetic and went on a strict diet, so if I did that when I wasnt pg, i probably would have lost weight. I worried constantly but my dr assured me it was fine. My belly grew and so did baby!