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Arta 03-11-13 08:14 AM

Am I gaining too much weight?
Hi all.
Got on my scales today to discover I have gained 9lbs!!! I've started off with healthy weight and to my horror I'm trying to imagine how on earth I'm going to look after this pregnancy :( I'm 18 weeks today.
With my son I didn't even gain any weight till 5 months, and 3 days after his birth I was thin as a matchstick.
How much weight did u put on ladies, and do u think I have gained too much?

lauralkemp 03-12-13 01:11 PM

You can put about 20 lbs on safely if you started out in your ideal parameters. You should gain a little less overall if you were overweight and a little more if you were underweight.

At 18 weeks 9lbs sounds pretty good. If your doctor seems ok with it then I wouldn't obsess over your weight gain.

Arta 03-12-13 04:41 PM

Well, pre-pregnancy weight was slightly underweight, so i assume that's normal then.
Thank you for putting my mind at ease.:)

Niita2606 03-14-13 04:12 AM

I woke up today and realised i gained 5 more kgs to my already gained 10. I wont bother with it anymore got 5 more months left.

Arta 03-14-13 06:53 AM

My friend who has always been on the skinny side have gained 4 stone during her whole pregnancy. Her baby is about 4 months now, and she's back to her old shape. Let's hope ladies we will all lose it too at the end. Well, there's always a hope :)