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Stemed83 08-23-16 05:51 AM

Weight gain!
I have started gaining weight and because of that, my legs ache like anything. I think I'm in the initial stage of varicose vein. Sometimes I could see the veins prominent in some areas. Don't know what to do? Has anyone experienced it before?

HazelY 10-19-16 02:28 AM

I have heard that expecting mums gain weight, but in my case it's not happening, wonder why?

DennisZajac 11-26-16 03:47 AM

I have never experienced any such thing. But I will suggest you to take regular exercises. I have found on the web about programme sportif program. It think it will work for you. I was reading this on the web. You can try it. I am quite sure that this will solve your problem.

Veronica_jones1 09-04-17 01:21 PM

Varicose veins form when the small valves inside the veins weaken and stop working properly. This weakness, also called venous disease, causes the blood to flow backward and to accumulate inside the vein. This accumulation leads to the swelling that you commonly will see. What many adults don’t know is that any extra pounds you put on, can put extra strain on your veins. Because they’re working harder to send blood back to the heart, there is added pressure on the valves inside the veins. Which makes them more likely to leak and cause blue or purple lines and bulges. You can reduce the same by Exercise, Leg elevation, High-fiber, low-salt diet, Maintaining a healthy weight, and Avoid high heels

dazzyshahu 09-11-17 06:57 AM

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