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Working out during pregnancy 1 Print Version

saraohyland 12-16-17 05:45 AM

Working out during pregnancy 1
I was pretty active before pregnacy but I had extreme fatigue during the first trimester so all I was doing was sleeping on my free time. I was hoping to start taking walks and maybe some prenatal exercise classes when I feel a little more energized. But the last couple of weeks, I have been trying to be more active and I find that I'm prone to muscle cramps and my fitness level has gone down significantly.

The doctors recommend to keep on staying active if you are used to working out before pregnancy but I found out that I turned into a total couch potato. And I don't know how to bounce back

sara098 01-26-18 07:59 AM

Hello ladies.I am 25 weeks pregnant. I paintings anyplace from forty-50 hours per week. Then that turns out usual however then I have three children at the house who require all my awareness and with it being summer season I am on the park, the aquariums and many others. Then my youngest of the three is 14 months historical so it sort of feels to not ever give up oh and I have two puppies who act worse than my youngsters with regards to wanting awareness. So I virtually take breaks whilst I want them nap whilst the youngsters are dozing. And drink plenty of water and devour healthful whilst feasible. I additionally vent to my husband who works one-of-a-kind hours than I accomplish that whilst he will get the house all people are on the mattress and he thinks my day used to be so soft.Best of luck all ladies.

sara098 01-31-18 01:06 PM

Hi all, I'm 33 weeks and 3 days an gained 28 pounds. I think I gained more than the average already but I don't care since my baby is healthy, after all a healthy baby is what we pray for.each pregnancy is different for everyone it may just be normal for me to gain a lot. Don't stress ladies about it. we can lose the weight later anyway. Relax and enjoy being pregnant.

jullia 02-02-18 04:34 AM

Hi there, congratulation! I will second your doctor, it's advisable to stay active throughout pregnancy. But the first trimester is difficult one, as the pregnancy hormones are producing that cause you feel low, so don't worry. Once your first trimester is over you will start feeling better and can join prenatal classes. Enjoy your time, eat healthy and keep us updated here about your progress. Wishing you healthy and successful pregnancy.