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  • jenisuzy 05-18-09 | 07:18 AM
  • So this month offiicially makes me one of those women who has been TTC for a full year...I'm feeling more down about it this month, than all that the previous months, I think just because of the whole number thing, wow, a full year and nothing
    I never would have imagined me being one of those women who would have so much trouble. I am scared knowing that this just might not be meant to be. Other than using BBT/OPK I havent pursued anything further. I havent made up my mind yet when to take charge & do more.....I probably need to, but just am scared. Thanks for listening....
  • countrycutieluv countrycutieluv's Avatar 05-18-09 | 11:22 AM


    I know how you feel.This month is a year for me after my Tubal Reversal.With a loss I expected to get pg soon after.Now its the 6 month mark again.I just started the bbt but have been using the opk's.
    Don't be so down.Though I was very down the one year mark also.
    I would talk to you doctor and just start the easy testing at first.
    I sure hope you get your
    Keep posted what you decided.I will be rooting for you!
  • Lisaca 06-02-09 | 07:07 PM
  • I feel you...we are going on 16 consistent months and I've been seeing a RE since November. Hang in there and make that appointment! It's scary but such a relief once you know what the issue is =). Sending big hugs!
  • Mark'sbabygirl Mark'sbabygirl's Avatar 06-03-09 | 11:08 AM
  • I agree with Lisa. It is really scary, but trust me- you will feel so much better when you know what's going on and you have a plan to deal with it. Just do it, lol! Especially since you have been TTC for 12 months. We all know how frustrating this can be and we are all here for you.
  • jenisuzy 06-03-09 | 09:26 PM
  • Lisaca ~
    What has happened since you've gone to see an RE ?? I've had no tests done at all, neither has my husband. I told myself I'll wait till the end of summer & then proceed. Here is the latest...I'm a bit more confused as this week are a few temps & my OPK results. (use my OPK with first morning trip to bathroom) Using fertility friend it is trying to tell me I O'ed on day 12, how is that possible with my results below ???

    CD9 96.64
    CD10 97.19 neg OPK
    CD11 97.17 neg OPK
    CD12 97.09 neg OPK
    CD13 97.45 *positive OPK / also had R side painful twinges most of the day
    CD14 97.42
    CD15 97.84

    BD 8,10,12,13,14 all in the late evening

    Do I have a chance of anything going how I want it to this month ????? Please I hope !

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