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  • Pinkerton 11-09-17 | 10:25 AM
  • Hello Kayla. Don’t lose hope. It has just been a year. You are 18 and he is 22. You people are quite young. You have a long life to go. Stay courageous. I am sure future has planned a surprise for your people. It is not that you are suffering from infertility if you are unable to get pregnant. It can be the matter of time. If you are still worried, you can visit a doctor. Consult your doctor and ask him the cause of not getting pregnant. I really wish you found no issue when you visit a doctor. I wish that you might conceive naturally. Good luck.
  • Ressie 11-09-17 | 10:26 AM
  • Hello Kaylabugg. I think you people are too young to have a bay. Don’t you think you should be focusing on your career? That is nice if you have a home and you are financially stable. Still, I will suggest you to wait, instead of getting worried. You have a long life ahead. It is not that I am imposing anything on you. It is just my opinion. If you still want to have a bay, consult a doctor for it. He can help you better to find a problem if there is any. If you are not suffering from any problem and still unable to have a baby then you should go for some infertility procedure. There are many infertility procedures. However, I will recommend you to go for surrogacy. I have my personal experience with it. That is why I am suggesting it to you. I am really satisfied with surrogacy procedure.
  • Ellsworth 11-09-17 | 10:28 AM
  • Hey Pes. Your husband sounds like an inconsiderate man. It isn’t your fault that you were unable to conceive. He shouldn’t have treated you the way he did. In fact, he should have supported you. Support is the most important thing. It can help women in your situation cope better. I am happy that you found a solution. Congratulations. Now it seems your troubles are over. A word of warning though. New types of troubles are awaiting you. Ever heard of the terrible twos? 😉 It’s no joke raising children. Good luck!
  • Shanell 11-09-17 | 10:30 AM
  • Hey honey. I would like to use this post as a way to raise a point. Many women are automatically blamed for infertility. This was also the case for you. Your husband vented out at you. As it turned out, you were the one who was infertile too. However, that is not always the case. Sometimes couples don’t have children because the husband is sterile. Society always points the finger towards women. It just makes me so mad. Even if the women are infertile, so what? It’s not like she wanted it. She too is the victim here. I hope more people realize that. Especially men.
  • Kemberly 11-09-17 | 10:32 AM
  • Hi there. Thank you for the valuable insight. Yes, finances do make a difference. Many people can't afford the treatments. I hope more of these options would be covered by the insurances. That would be so helpful. What treatment did you go for?

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