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Advice appreciated - first month ttc

Advice appreciated - first month ttc

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  • holl33 08-16-17 | 07:40 AM
  • Hi!

    This is my first post here.. I would really appreciate any advice you may have! I'm not sure if there's a chance I could be pregnant or not?

    I stopped taking the contraceptive pill in March and have been tracking my cycles since, and they average 31 days (they have either been 31 or 32 days).
    The first day of my AF was Thursday 13th July and based on the same cycle length I am 3 days late.

    I have been experiencing a brown discharge with small clots over the past few days - spotting rather than actual flow. Pregnancy tests taken on Sunday (day AF due) and today (day 35) were both negative. I used the First Response ones, which are supposed to be very sensitive. I have experienced cramping on and off for a few weeks, which prompted me to take the tests.

    Have I taken the tests too early to detect HCG or now that I am a little late and spotting, are the tests more likely to be accurate now? Can you still have brown discharge (based on what I have read, due to the timing, it is unlikely to be from implantation bleeding) and be pregnant, with a negative test result? Has anyone experienced something similar and if so how did it work out for you? Feeling confused!

    This is my first month trying to conceive and i'm completely new to this! Thanks
  • Lisaclark123 08-17-17 | 05:30 AM
  • First of all, I want to appreciate your courage to make proper planning to conceive effectively. I am here for you to provide valuable information to conceive effectively. You should not lose hope. You should make positive thinking and enhance your confidence with proper effectively way. I am here for you to provide valuable feedback to solve out and conceive effectively with easy and popular reliable method to enjoy brightness in your life with healthy baby gift like me. I want to forget those days of my life that are full of sadness and darkness due to failure of natural conceives.
    You are not alone. There are 20% women who face natural conceive problem all around the world. I can understand your physical and mental stays at this time to understand your feeling and emotion very well. We consult with popular gynecologist of Ukraine to discuss effective method. I am feeling happy to help you to solve out your problem on behalf of my personal life experience. This is golden opportunity for you. You should not miss this opportunity in your life to enjoy healthy baby gift.
    It is very important to make proper planning to conceive effectively. You can start your plan from day first with healthy and balance diet that is important to make your hormone level in balance. You should consume healthy balanced diet to maintain your body in balance with high hemoglobin level in your blood. You can use easy yoga and meditation to remove stress and depression in effective way. The stress and depression are responsible factor for infertility problem. I hope you get sufficient information to clear all your doubts in easy and effective way.

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