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  • kndubbs 05-11-13 | 11:47 PM
  • My LMC was 4/12/2013, According to my period tracker, my expected perod was due on 05/08/013. Tomorrow I will be 4 days late. For a week now I have had sore breasts, nipples, and feeling tired a lot lately. I ave also had cramps in my uterus area,sometimes to my right or left side. On 5/9/2013 I took a urine and blood test and both came back neg. Any thoughts?
  • Worried mom 05-13-13 | 10:06 PM
  • Hello, my name is crystal and I'm 20 years old. I started a light pink bleeding on April 28th. It lasted from April 28 to may 2nd. I started my actual period on may 2nd and ended my period on may 5th. I am curious if it could have been implantation bleeding???*
    But this morning at about 3:25 I had some dull/sharp pains by my right ovary, and lighter pains by my left, and finally a light pushing sensation tword the top of my stomach. I can eat, but sometimes I feel like i will throw up but I don't. I drink alot of liquids ( mostly water or Gatorade or koolaid) I have noticed I feel bloated, my lower back , right over back right hip hurts. My husband says I have huge mood swings, and I'm always grumpy. And my appitite is dissipating. I noticed that I'm sleeping way more than I normally do. I sleep at least 13 to 16 hours a day waking up eriodicly for bathroom breaks, food, water, ect. Another thing I have noticed is that I still have lactation from my first birth which was back in 2011 ( I was 17, had been raped, and gave my daughter up for adoption) and it's gotten a little heavier, I'm not sure what this could mean .. It's nerve racking.... I could really use some help or advice please..,*
  • dazzyshahu 09-23-17 | 05:40 AM
  • Hi friend, I am here for you to provide valuable information that easily clears your doubt in professional way. You need not panic about this difficult situation in your life. You can easily handle this difficult situation with positive attitude toward life. You can read positive thinking books to get sufficient positive energy to handle this horrible situation in your life. I can understand your physical and mental stage at this time. It is time to learn from your past mistake. You should not compromise with your health at any cost. You can start your planning with strong determination to achieve your target. Today we are living in advance medical research based treatment of world where you can easily overcome all type of pregnancy related problem in easy way. You should handle this difficult situation with positive affirmation that is the right way to get sudden magic effect on your body and mind in positive way. This is very horrible task to forget those days of my life that are full of stress and depression due to my health problem. I want to forget those days of my life at any cost. I want to express kind heart thanks to God to understand my problem in easy way.
    You can start your planning from their first with proper understanding your body signal very well that is very necessary to overcome all problems in early stage. You should choose proper medical way with pregnancy test to get satisfaction result in report. You should understand hormones level in your body. You should choose powerful yoga and meditation posture to make proper balance in your stressful life to get full satisfaction and relaxation that help you to overcome this difficult situation.
  • Courtneysmith8 09-24-17 | 12:16 PM
  • Hello everyone! It's great to see that there are some very helpful people on these forums. I was searching the web and seeking advice on conceiving at the age of 46. I'm pretty worried and confused at this stage and would like to get professional advice from some good people on this discussion board. In short, I'm in my 4th marriage. Last year was the first and last time I managed to conceive but wasn't fortunate enough and had a miscarriage. The doctors say that the result might be the same if I'm able to conceive again. I will provide more details if someone's willing to help. What should I do?

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