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Advice please!

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  • Danielle8790 11-06-15 | 12:45 PM
  • Hi!! I need help my period an ovulation is usually right on time I had surgury almost 3months ago an only had 1 period I'm trying to become pregnant !! I ovulated yesterday an have been having plenty of sex up to that day an yesterday 11/5 as well after sex yesterday morning I had some slight bleeding which stopped right after but this morning 11/6 I started what seems to be a period in so confused !!;( could I still be pregnant ? My cycles are very short as well usually oy a max of 5 days an it seems I usually ovulate very close to the 1st day of my period I've always had pain with ovulation an the clear slim like discharge sometimes a cpl days before right up to the day before my period ?! I'm stuck an really need help an advice !!!
  • MBandner 11-07-15 | 11:16 AM
  • You need to confirm that you are indeed ovulating. You can do this 1 of 2 ways. You can buy the clear blue easy ovulation predictor strips which give you a smiley face when you are ovulating OR go to the doctor and have them test you. *Thinking* that you ovulate bc of pain and discharge isn't reliable enough to confirm your ovulation. Also, your periods are super weird, which will make getting pregnant very hard. I am 31 weeks pregnant with my first. The only way I was able to get pregnant was with 4 cycles of clomid, the clear blue easy ovulation strips, artificial insemination, and progesterone suppositories. I am 33 years old, and *thought* I ovulated bc I had discharge but my periods were all weird and the docs confirmed I was not ovulating on my own. The fact that you ovulate so close to your period means you are progesterone deficient. This will make getting pregnant VERY hard for you. I was not able to get pregnant without progesterone suppositories. My advice: Go to the doctor. I think you will need some testing and some help getting pregnant.