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Am I pregnant

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  • Kerry87 02-01-18 | 07:35 AM
  • Hi all I ovulated on the 8th of January and had unprotected sex the day before now my period was due on the 31st of Jan and hasn't happened I've been having lower back pain cramps low down in my stomach and a sort of sharp pulling pain I've been really tired but can't sleep properly and nauseous and so much wind sorry if that was tmi lol someone please help me I actually think I'm going crazy lol
  • Collen 02-02-18 | 09:49 AM
  • Hey there! I hope you're doing good. There is nothing to worry about and to go crazy about. I am sure you're very excited! Be excited. Honestly, all the signs you've mentioned are early pregnancy symptoms. I think you should really take the pregnancy test. Hope for a BFP! I am sure it will be positive. Best of luck! Take super care of yourself. Also, consult a doctor just to make sure everything is alright! All my warm wishes are with you.
  • BeckyCruz 02-03-18 | 02:12 AM
  • Hey Kerry! OMG! Your symptoms are early pregnancy symptoms. I will advice you to visit a clinic near you and ask doctor to take a pregnancy test of you. I m sure you are pregnant. Good luck hon! Everything will be fine, Don't worry.
  • vardysmith 07-16-18 | 01:49 PM
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  • dabi 10-29-18 | 05:36 AM
  • Hi, how are you doing now? You were so upset about the symptoms you had before. But, in any case, pregnancy is very good, you should be happy. After all, so many couples cannot have children, and when they read your lines, their heart beats more often. Therefore, do not worry, pregnancy is an admiration. My friends are now in the surrogacy program. And their surrogate is already pregnant, they are so happy, I can not even describe their feelings and emotions.