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Am i Pregnant or just a chemical

Am i Pregnant or just a chemical

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  • chichang 07-22-18 | 12:53 PM
  • I'm on a 35-40 days cycle. Im irregular but tracking my period using a period app for more than 3 years now.
    Last period start date was June 30th, according to this app, i ovulate this July 24th,and my next period starts date according to the app would be on August 7th.

    My question is, we had unprotected sex July 11th, 12th, 15th, 20th and the 21st.

    but starting

    July 17th i got strong lower abdominal cramps and felt nauseas and got creamy white mucus plus my breast feel tender just at the top and the side, not that sore to touch though.

    July 18th still the same and I got lower back pain but with watery clear cm.

    July 20th i got ewcm, watery and cramps and sore breast and still not too sensitive when touched, just the side of the breast underneath the underarm as well.

    July 21st i got ewcm and abdominal pain, lower back pain and my pubic bone is painful, i dont kno why but it feels like my groins and pelvic hurts. Then we bd again at night and got a creamy white discharge after.

    July 22nd - 2days before ovulation day according to this app. i have a very extreme sharp pain one side of my lower abdomen and just above my pubic bone, i felt vomitting when i stand up and my breast is not sore but i felt really dizzy and my lower back hurts a lot like im having my period. i still got watery ewcm. i feel constipated. My groin and my butt hurts as well. Plus i feel so sleepy and too lazy to do anything.

    I'm not sure if Im pregnant or this is just ovulation pain, I know its too early to tell, but as i mentioned, my cycle is irregular so i can be ovulating anytime, my last period cycle was 41 days, while the last before that was 35 days, with the period app it gives me 38 days cycle for this month.

    so, we are trying for 3 months now, keep on doing bd for the past ovulation days atleast before and after ovulation, but im still getting BFN. but this month is a different story im getting this kind of PMS symptoms way too early and this is the first time i got abdominal cramps or ovulation cramps eversince.

    i dont want to keep my hopes up, but just want to relax and wait till AF shows again.

    Anybody has the same situation like me?
  • Deeto 07-25-18 | 08:25 AM
  • Hi we are the same boat my period was 27th of june had sex 6,7,10,11,13,14 if july on 26day of my cycle 10 dpo started having cramps 12 dpo took test was negative can i be pregnant