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Any advice would be nice...

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  • Msxmoni11 09-04-17 | 03:24 AM
  • I took 2 HPT on Aug 21st which came back neg, my AF was suppose to start on Sept 1. I had light cramps and spotting for two days. So far it has been four days past and my AF still hasn't showed. I've never been late or irregular. Anyone been through something similar?
  • Anari 09-13-17 | 04:26 AM
  • I would like to share with you my story. I'm 34 years old, my first marriage was not successful, and not because someone made a mistake, no, after a few years we understand that we want to go different ways. We have no children, and I'm glad that we broke up, because both of us happily married again. The second time I got married when I was 32 years old. My husband told me that he wants to have a baby. But I was an abortion when I was young. I did not want to talk about this to my husband, but I had to. At first he was very confused, because he did not expect such a turn of events. But he loves me very much, that's why he offered to try to make an IVF procedure or a surrogate maternity. But after all the tests, we all thought about and decided to use the service of surrogate motherhood. Honestly, I was skeptical about this idea. Since I lived all the time for myself and did not have the need for children. But just at that moment our relationship with her husband soured. But he loved me very much and decided to consolidate our relationship with the help of a child. I do not know what he wanted anymore, to hold me or the child. But we still decided to look for a clinic. But we had many problems ahead of us. Since commercial surrogate motherhood is allowed only in some countries.
    *I can honestly tell you that we have enough money, but we have waived a surrogate motherhood in the US (a surrogate mother can ask for more and more money, blackmail you). I did not want it to get any worse. India was not even on my list (because of their living conditions). I was almost in desperation to succeed when I was recommended to Ukraine with various clinics. I tell my friends that Ukraine is the second home for my child)) We used the BiotexCom clinic because of their good feedback and excellent results. I chose a contract where everything was included, the price was more than suitable for me. I really fall in love with this country with their very kind and friendly people, delicious food and wonderful doctors.
    Now we are happy with parents.
    Sorry if my story is too long (brevity is not my strong point) Lol But still my husband was able to establish relations with me. And our family has become stronger. Because we are now bound by a child.

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