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  • Celia_M 01-10-05 | 07:27 PM
  • Hoping your appt went well today. (Although with the time difference between the Uk and Canada you probby have yet to have it) Thinking of you.
  • cat cat's Avatar 01-10-05 | 11:09 PM
  • Thanks for thinking about me Celia!

    I think it was a good appointment - the doctor put me on Clomid and I'll be having an IUI this month.

    I brought up a bunch of questions about Clomid that he answered quite straightforwardly... although the fact that he said "You only get 2 follicles on Clomid" - which I'm pretty sure isn't always true - anyone got anything to tell me about that? - made me a little dubious. Also, the fact that no-one has found any evidence at all that I'm not ovulating really makes me dubious about the need for clomid!

    Still, we're both excited at the possibility of this working. I know it's dumb to get my hopes up - but it's so long since I've felt there was any reason to be hopeful, it feels so good now to allow myself to be a little bit excited and think about being pg!

    So I just took my first 2 pills - I'm on 100mg daily. I think I remember someone saying that it's best to take them at night, so as to have less side effects. I've got to do OPKs and let them know when I get the surge so that I can go in the next day for the IUI.

    If anyone has any wisdom or advice for me, I'd be very grateful!
  • Celia_M 01-11-05 | 06:29 AM
  • I'm so glad to hear it went well!! Really exciting that you get to have your first IUI this month! And I know exactly what you mean about feeling hope for the first time in months. Not dumb at all!! I hope you can enjoy them a little

    Maybe it's the dose you're on that makes him say there will only be two eggs? Will they give you a scan to check how many follicles are developing? I love seeing my scans. (My clinic has a tv screen for me to look at & are great at telling me *what* it is I'm looking at - I'm v. nosy like that
    Plus it helps distract you from the discomfort of it all)

    If you find yourself getting hot flushes I suggest avoiding polo-necks and trying to keep to v-necks/blouses/layers you can quickly peel off.









  • erinjj erinjj's Avatar 01-11-05 | 10:41 AM
  • Christine, I took the clomid at night.
    If you find they really bother you, ask about trying letrozole next month, they work the same but with less side effects and it's not supposed to thin your lining like clomid does.

    Is your cycle going to be monitored? It's fun to see your little eggies growing in there and hoping one will end up being your precious little gift from God.

    Best of luck!
  • cat cat's Avatar 01-11-05 | 05:17 PM
  • Thanks for your replies
    so far so good - I'm not cranky or having hot flashes although I am wearing layers (it's pretty cold here at the moment - don't laugh Erin, I'm sure it's nothing compared to Ontario, but I am definitely not giving up my woolly jumper).

    The cycle won't be monitored - it all goes by OPK. I don't know whether they use an ultrasound during the IUI to check that they are in the right place, though? I'd love to see that - I'm like you Celia, I love to see what is going on.

    DH and I had a chat about whether it was dumb to get our hopes up, and decided that even if it means being really disappointed at the end of the cycle, we need to just enjoy the hope and excitement of this - it's the only hope and excitement we've had about the whole TTC things in months and months, and even if it's short-lived it's worth experiencing it. Sometimes I think it's better even to feel really sad than to allow yourself to feel nothing at all. Sorry to get all philosophical there! Thanks for all your support, ladies

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