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  • Melisaadams 09-22-17 | 02:55 AM
  • I am diagnosed with infertility after facing the situations. It taking everything out of me. I have been working and changing the thoughts that help me to getover everything.
  • Anari 09-29-17 | 09:00 AM
  • Hi girls, I want to tell you my story. For example, we had to use the services of a surrogate mother for me because of me. Everything turned out so silly, all this because of mistakes of youth, because of the desire for money. I was always very thin and tall. And it's not a secret that I earn money with the help of model business. But one day I had a nervous breakdown and depression. And all this happened because of one unsuccessful project, they did not sign a contract with me. They did not explain the reason, but I realized that I could not go up. But I so wanted to leave to work under the contract to America. But it did not work out, and then I began to think that all this was due to the fact that I was not thin enough. Although I was then even thinner than all thin. But then my mind became confused and I did not understand what I was creating. I stopped eating, I lost my appetite, I stopped cooking. And since I lived alone, no one knew about this. And I began to lose weight rapidly and it came to hungry fainting. I was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with anorexia. In general, they treated me for a very long time. I even went to a psychologist for a very long time. But then I had a boyfriend who was older than me and wanted a baby. But it turned out that only with the help of a surrogate mother could we do this. Then we began to look into which country to go to. My boyfriend was rich enough, so we wanted to go to America. But it turned out that he very badly tolerates flights, and even more such long flights. And we had to give up, because I did not want to fly myself, and he was so bad that I could not bring him to life. And these constant stresses .... In general, we flew to Ukraine in biotexcom. The clinic was found in one of the forums, and decided to try to fly there. We liked it there, and we are grateful to the doctors for their work. And also we are grateful to them and our surrogate mother. We were given a base and we chose a surrogate mother. She stayed in Ukraine, she was 24 years old and she had 3 children. Everything went fine, it was completely under our control. But we specifically looked for a divorced or unmarried mother. This was for us in principle. So I want to tell you, do not despair, try. Nobody knows how everything can turn out.