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  • bjlmom bjlmom's Avatar 01-22-04 | 05:51 PM
  • Lets make a list of everyone's chat ID's so that if we want we can contact each other...

    bjlmom (Rhea) - bjrlay
    mrssandy (Sandy) - mrssandefer
    icepoet (Valerie) - ireland1019
    froglegs (Kelly) - KellyK
    Mommy2KNI (Corinne) - cupidnobarking
    KinCali (Kristi) - spcandylay
    *Lisa* (Lisa) - LRAB1126
    Tink (Mandy) - DaDaLou
    Dopey406 (Deanna) - Dopey406
    blundergirl (Amanda) - LooAmanda
    SusanM (Susan) - diva78045

    [size=3]Yahoo [size=2](using either email / ID)[/size][/size]
    bjlmom (Rhea) - little_sis1978
    mrssandy (Sandy) - mrssandefer
    icepoet (Valerie) - icepoet01
    Laluna (Sandra) - Tiramausu
    DanielleT (Danielle) - trvtdobes
    frogchick (Karen) - imafrogchick
    KinCali (Kristi) - kristihess2003
    bradysmom (Danielle) - daniwheel2003
    Tink (Mandy) - Lrdsvdme
    SASHA ROSE - b_ktoo
    vashikam - vashikam1
    blundergirl (Amanda) - damaticdecision
    SusanM (Susan) - divaflaredo
    ipse99 (Michele) ipse99_1999

    [size=3]MSN [/size][size=2](using either email / ID)[/size]
    bjlmom (Rhea) - little_sis20
    mrssandy (Sandy) -

    icepoet (Valerie) - icskitkats
    froglegs (Kelly) -

    Laluna (Sandra) - Tiramausu
    DanielleT (Danielle) - trvts
    Mommy2KNI (Corinne) - Mommy2KNI
    KinCali (Kristi) - spcandylady
    *Lisa* (Lisa) - mamatolauren
    SASHA ROSE - bk_too
    Dopey406 (Deanna) - dopey406
    blundergirl (Amanda) - AmandaLoo2
    SusanM (Susan) - emeralds_25

    Let me know what your info is and I will gladly add you.

    Last edited by bjlmom; 10-15-04 at 12:57 AM..

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