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Everywhere I look

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  • BeccAnne BeccAnne's Avatar 09-04-08 | 09:41 AM
  • there is either a pregnant lady or a new baby! I can't go to the store, or anywhere it seems, without seeing one or the other! I get so jealous and I can't stop wishing it was me. Eek this baby fever is horrible!
  • Keepers Keepers's Avatar 09-04-08 | 10:13 AM
  • I completely know the feeling. The bad part is I dont have to go to the store. I can go to family house. My brother has a newborn little girl. My other brothers wife is pregnant. And my husband sister is having twin baby girls. I WANT a little girl so bad I cant stand and she is having two! Ugh its frustrating but I look at it this way I can spoil them and send them home!
  • tiaonia tiaonia's Avatar 09-04-08 | 12:01 PM
  • yeah i know what youre saying there. im thanking god i dont have to go out of the house all that much seeing as i "work from home" if you can call a writer with writers block working....

    but like keepers i dont have to look far. my sister thinks she might be pg one of my best friends is pg again even though her newest "batch of babies" are only about 8 months and shes having quints again

    to all

    i just know we have to get our turn on the baby train soon enough here!!
  • hopeful7 hopeful7's Avatar 09-04-08 | 12:58 PM
  • I know how you feel! I can't even go to work and not be surrounded by babies and pregnant women (I'm a nurse in peds and mother/baby). And not only that I just found out today one of my coworkers is pg even though she was on the pill. And then me I can't even get pregnant off the pill with fertility meds. I think I'm about to go crazy! I sure hope we all get our BFP's soon. Good luck everyone!!
  • Mark'sbabygirl Mark'sbabygirl's Avatar 09-04-08 | 01:02 PM
  • I hear you guys! I feel the same way! I work at a special needs preschool and there are babies and kids everywhere! Plus, one of my friends that works here at the preschool who is married to my cousin is 32 wks preg. with a boy and I am headed to yet another baby shower for another friend this weekend. This summer, the day I had my chemical pregnancy I had to teach a class in the pool across from a mommy and me class with tons of cute babies AND pregnant moms! We are here for you and know exactly how you feel! BFP's! BFP's! BFP's!

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