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Femara, TTC, and HPTs

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  • melliott08 06-05-10 | 08:25 PM
  • Hello all!

    DH and I have been TTC for almost a year now. I had a chemical pregnancy/miscarriage in August 2009 and was diagnosed with PCOS in December 2009 and Factor V Leiden in January 2010 after also having my gallbladder out in Jan 2010. My PCP referred me to a local research hospital OB/GYN because of my Factor V. This OB sent me to an REI who put me on Aygestin to regulate my period, followed by Femara to make me ovulate. He put me on Femara for 10 days at 2.5 mg per day. My last AF started May 5, began Femara May 8 through May 18. A home OPK showed positive May 21-23. DH and I did the BD at least every 2-3 days for the week before and week after 5/21.

    My problem is that I would assume my next AF should have started June 2, but I don't know how to tell because prior to this med, I never had a regular period. My only assumption is that I would have a regular 28 day cycle with the Femara. I took a HPT June 4 in the AM and it was negative.

    My DH has told me my breasts are large and I've had weird off and on soreness in them. My nipples are a little sore every once and awhile when they rub on my bra. About a week ago, I had a cup of hot coffee (I don't drink it regularly, but I like it every once in a while) and I felt really sick afterwards. Otherwise, when I've eaten red meat lately I've felt a little sick after, but not so sick that I can't function. I've had mild cramping in my abdomen and lower back, but have never had cramps with periods, so not sure what that means.

    I really need soon should a HPT come positive? Has anyone had luck with Femara??
  • 3Princes 06-05-10 | 10:23 PM
  • Hi and welcome! I have pcos as well, and I'm a mom to 3 beautiful boys now! I had a long road getting there, but it was totally worth it.
    I would call the RE and tell them that you took the femara and havent had a period. They will prob do a blood pregnancy test and then give you provera/prometrium/some other drug to bring on AF again. They might also raise the dose of femara.

    I never took femara. I had some bouncing around my purse until recently. I'd filled the prescription to take when af showed up. It never did-- I randomly got pregnant when I decided we were "done" having kids. I too clomid many times though.

    Good luck. Hope this helps.
  • melliott08 06-05-10 | 10:46 PM
  • Thanks! I have felt like being diagnosed with PCOS has been a sentence to infertility problems and it's so difficult because at 23 it seems like all of my friends are just looking at each other and conceiving. I don't have any friends going through this and it feels so lonely. I just need to know that there's hope!
  • 3Princes 06-05-10 | 10:50 PM
  • There is!
    And, you have age on your side, which is also a good thing. The best advice I got was to remember, you are paying your RE for a service. Never feel stupid or feel like you're taking up too much time, asking a dumb question, etc. Don't be afraid to say you want to take a more or less aggressive approach, etc.
  • melliott08 06-06-10 | 07:36 AM
  • I couldn't wait and tried another HPT this AM...still negative...we are now 32 days since last AF....

    DH wasn't home...I couldn't bear to tell him that I couldn't wait for him to get home from his military training before taking a second one!

    Which HPT do people like better? Digital or the lines (plus/minus, one vs. two)?

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