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Has Anyone Experience Heavy Implantation Bleeding & Got BFP!!???

Has Anyone Experience Heavy Implantation Bleeding & Got BFP!!???

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  • Lanab37 02-18-17 | 02:17 AM
  • I'm lol cause I have 2 daughter's ages 17 and 13.Well after i gave birth to my youngest daughter I had my tubes cut, tied, and burnt 13 years ago. Well my sweet sweet fiance of 10 years doesn't have kids of his own, well he's real excited about us trying to get pregnant without reversal surgery. (Straight to the point), We started googling, and tracking my fertility. We've had unprotected sex on 1/31/2017,my 14th day after my period, then again on February 8, 2017. Well I noticed on the 9th of February my cm was very long,stringy, and clear, plus that same day I was drenched in sweat. (Who turned up the thermostat lol). Well I'm a little confused, cause on the 16th I woke up with a bright bright red bleed when I wiped,also I had never bled this funny looking color before. Well as the day went on it started getting a lil heavy,Low backache that was so painful and achy,right thigh pain that lasted all night.never darkening in it's I was confused, but a lil sad,cause AF showed her face.WELL today (2-17-2017), I was still bleeding pretty heavy,but bright bright red,only for 6 hours. Well I decided to put on a tampon and take away the pads. Well 2 hours later, I noticed when I took the tampon out to shower there was barely any bright red blood in there,but what caught my attention and threw me in the back seat was there was brown spotting on it like it would be when my period is over. I was so shocked, it took me almost 15minutes to get in shower. So I actually bled bright red blood for almost 2 days. I never out of my whole life had a cycle do this before.Now nothing happening, no pad or tampons needed. So my question is could this been implantation bleeding, and have anybody gone through something like this?cause my fiance's birthday is February 25, and I want to surprise him with his biological son lol!!! What a birthday gift this would be!!!! Needing help, or advice! !!!!

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