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  • heat015 07-10-16 | 01:20 PM
  • Hello Friends,

    Have you ever heard of or tried Plexus products? It can get you healthy, help you regulate your cycle, and increase your chances of getting pregnant.

    What is Plexus?
    Plexus is a system of natural health supplements that get your body healthy from the inside out. There is a product for balancing sugars, cutting cravings and for many, even weight loss. There is a product for cleansing and detoxing from the toxins in our systems as well as the most natural pain relief products you can find. In short, Plexus products address gut health, blood sugar regulation, and inflammation, which are at the root of so many health concerns that many of us face today.

    I have been TTC for 6 years now. I was officially diagnosed with a "mild" case of PCOS in 2014, but I've had the symptoms for years before that. I've tried Clomid for a few rounds, but I never could get pregnant and I always had to start my period with Provera. I even tried Pregnitude & that didn't work. Finally one of my friends told me about Plexus. She also had PCOS. She is now pregnant after taking Plexus' Triplex for 2 months after she was TTC for 7 years. So, I decided to try it about a month ago. A few days after I started taking the "Pink drink" (Plexus Slim) I got my period all on my own... I literally couldn't believe it! I ovulated this last month too! No, pregnancy for me yet, but I will continue taking Plexus Slim because it is helping so much with my PCOS symptoms. I have more energy, I sleep better, no more sugar cravings, and I have lost 10 lbs (which is huge for me). I love it so much that I became a Plexus Ambassador just so I could get all the products at a discounted price, I could care less about making money. I really wanted to share this with all of you because it has helped my PCOS & I hope you give it the chance to help yours as well. It can also help women without PCOS.

    You can find out more or buy the products at