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  • Annette5 02-09-18 | 04:52 AM
  • Hello, girls. I don't know what to do. Let me share my story. I cannot get pregnant. It is because of some problems with health. Some time ago my husband and I decided to turn to a clinic for help. We wanted to try IVF. We found a clinic, talk to doctors. After that the procedure was started. Everything was great. But the procedure was failed. And now l don't know what to do next. Maybe I need to try again. Or it doesn't make sense? My husband says that we may try to turn to surrogacy. But I am not sure. I think I just slowly lose my hope. I want to believe that everything will be great. But this failure makes me hesitate. Maybe someone can advise me something. What do you think I should do in this situation? What would be better? Maybe someone has the same experience? If so, please tell me, how to cope with it. I think that now it is important not to hurry. I need to calm down and think about the situation. This will help me to understand what do I want to do. At this time, I would like to read your opinion and advice. I think it can help me. Thanks.
  • Lisa03 02-09-18 | 04:53 AM
  • Hi! I Am so sorry to hear your story. You know, I understand your feelings. Several years ago i was in the same situation. It was my dream to become a mother. All I wanted to be happy with my spouse. I wanted to make our family full. But I can't have my own children. We also decided to turn to IVF. But not only first attempt was failed. The same was at the second time. I could not find power to continue. We decided to stop for some time. I needed it to calm down. We make a decision to turn to another clinic. We were not sure that it could help, but the problem might be in doctors. We found one more clinic and turned to it. At first I did not have any hope. But my husband continued to believe in a success. In the result I got pregnant. And then we became parents. I am so happy now. And you know, I think that you need to try again. Maybe it is better to change the clinics right now. But first of all, calm down. Think carefully about it. Believe that everything will be okay. Remember, that tour husband is in the same situation. You need to support each other. By the way, I think that surrogacy is a pretty thing too. But in my opinion, IVF is much better. Hope you will be fine.
  • Annette5 02-09-18 | 04:54 AM
  • Oh, thank you! This really makes me feel better. It is great that your dream come true. Well, I don't need to give up too. I feel that I really need some time before continuing. Choosing the clinic is very difficult and important part. Well, maybe you could tell me a bit about the clinic? I think it makes sense to try to turn to another one. May be it could help me. How do you like that clinic you turned to? Please, tell me more about it.
  • Lisa03 02-09-18 | 04:55 AM
  • First of all, I want to say, that the clinic I turned we were looking for with my husband for a long time. Before that we turned to some more clinics. But you know that there weren’t any result . It is pretty good, The specialists are great. But results... At that time we were thinking about two more clinics. But then I find the information about this clinic on the Internet. I talked to a woman on a forum about it. She told me a bit about it. She also was in the same situation as we are. She said that she had turned to a Ukrainian clinic. She became a mother after the first attempt. She said, that she liked the clinic in general. We decided to visited it. We were thinking about it for some time and finally visited it. This clinic is BioTexCom. We were very happy, when the doctors told us all the information we were interested in. We find out that the clinic was established not so many years ago. But now it is considered to be one of the best. Their work is successful. I decided to try to begin the procedure there. My results of the tests were very good. But I was a bit worried. My husband was always near, it really helped me. I’d like to tell you a bit more about it in general. Don’t be afraid, the doctors are really great. They are true specialists, who will care about you. You will be surprised how good are the conditions. There are also good prices. I think that you may turn to it and compare to the others. Maybe you will like it more, maybe not. I can only wish you good luck!
  • Annette5 02-09-18 | 04:56 AM
  • Oh, thanks for help. I am so glad. The information you shared is really helpful. My husband and I will think about the clinic. You know, I want to visit it. Actually, I know some information about it.I even found their video blog. They tell really useful and important things. I understood that the clinic is pretty god. But actually my spouse wasn’t sure whether it is really so good. So, thanks for the useful information. I think it would help not only me. Thanks. Hope that you will be fine. Wish you good luck!