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  • Collen 02-13-18 | 12:06 AM
  • Hey there! Hope you're doing good. I am sorry to know that your first IVF cycle failed. My sister had to go through 2 failed cycles and the third one turned out to be successful. Anyways, the point is that you should never lose hope. It is always better to visit a professional clinic to get any treatment done from. Someone who is good at what they do and has a good past history. Whether it is IVF or surrogacy, it does matter at the end of the day because you are spending a lot of your money on the treatment. A lot of people on these forums suggest Eastern Europe for the process. My suggestion to you would be to research on your own as well as that will make you understand. Going for surrogacy isn't a bad option if your DH agrees, however, trying for another IVF cycle is an option as well. I would suggest that you ask someone like your doctor about this and which option suits you and your DH the most and has a high option. Best of luck. Don't lose hope! Sending baby dust your way.
  • ezabel 03-22-18 | 02:30 PM
  • hey girl! being stuck in a problem is never a big deal but remain stuck over there is a big deal.
    If you are finding any way to get out of it then you should go for this. You are truly blessed that your husband is standing with you throughout the journey and he is giving you suggestions as much as he can. Being failed in IVF is nothing new. It's just a matter of luck or consequences.
    your opinion or surrogacy might go for you the way you want.not to forget there are certain regulations regarding surrogacy that vary from state to state.
    You might travel to the place where you would find it appropriate and must look for best fertility clinics around. And the services they are offering.
    Their success rate is one of the most important things.though this is a costly affair hence you must look into this matter very closely to confirm what you are spending on.
    Many of the fertility clinics offer the money back guarantee in case of failure or some other offer multiple attempts have to pick the best choice of yours that you think.
    I have been TTC for so long but never lose hope.and I am on such forums to tell people like you to never give something.there might be something worth deserving in our struggle.
    Love and positivity to you.
  • vardysmith 07-16-18 | 01:48 PM
  • I want to use this means to let the world know that all hope is not lost Getting pregnant after having tubes clamped and burned, I know IVF and Reversal could help but it way too cost, i couldn't afford it either and i so desire to add another baby to my family been trying for 5 years, not until i came across Priest Babaka, who cast a pregnancy/Fertility spell for me and i got pregnant.l hope that women out there who are going through the same fears and worries l went through in GETTING PREGNANT , will find your contact as i drop it here on this site, and solution will come to them as they contact you. Thank you and God bless you to reach him email via: babaka.wolf @ gmail . com or facebook at priestly.babaka
  • el123 11-16-18 | 06:22 AM
  • Quote de Lisa03
    First of all, I want to say, that the clinic I turned we were looking for with my husband for a long time. Before that we turned to some more clinics. But you know that there weren’t any result . It is pretty good, The specialists are great. But results... At that time we were thinking about two more clinics. But then I find the information about this clinic on the Internet. I talked to a woman on a forum about it. She told me a bit about it. She also was in the same situation as we are. She said that she had turned to a Ukrainian clinic. She became a mother after the first attempt. She said, that she liked the clinic in general. We decided to visited it. We were thinking about it for some time and finally visited it. This clinic is BioTexCom. We were very happy, when the doctors told us all the information we were interested in. We find out that the clinic was established not so many years ago. But now it is considered to be one of the best. Their work is successful. I decided to try to begin the procedure there. My results of the tests were very good. But I was a bit worried. My husband was always near, it really helped me. I’d like to tell you a bit more about it in general. Don’t be afraid, the doctors are really great. They are true specialists, who will care about you. You will be surprised how good are the conditions. There are also good prices. I think that you may turn to it and compare to the others. Maybe you will like it more, maybe not. I can only wish you good luck!
    Hi, my friends also came to this clinic. They are interested in surrogacy, for them this option is necessary. They also like you considered several clinics. But, they decided to opt for this particular clinic for several reasons. First of all, they liked it at the preliminary consultation. They were able to get all the necessary information and so on. There were many patients in the clinic, this fact made them very happy. After all, a large number of clients is an indicator of the effectiveness of the work of doctors. In addition, the clinic takes care of all the necessary issues related to the surrogate. And future parents will not have additional difficulties. They decided that it would be beneficial for them to pay for the VIP package. In this case, the surrogate will be picked up very quickly, in comparison with the economy package. This is very suitable for them, because the prices there are acceptable. And my friends are no longer young people, so time is expensive for them. And they want to have a baby as soon as possible. In general, they had a good impression about this clinic.

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