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  • mickeygm mickeygm's Avatar 02-23-07 | 03:28 PM
  • Dh and I have been TTC for 19 months now. I know many people have tried longer, but it is still torturous. I have just made my first apt to go see a RE. It will be on April 4. That was their first available. UGH. Around every corner seems to be a wait. It was decided that I definatley need help. My estrogen is a little to high, my progesterone is a little to low, my luteal phase fluctuates which it sould not and DH's sprem has a slightly lowered motility rate. EVerything on its own is no big deal, so says OB/GYN. But once put together that is definalty why I can not conceive on my own. Good news here is that eggs and sperm are healthy so he feels with IUI we'll conceive. OB/Gyn say they will most likely start me on clomid and a trigger for the IUI. I am a little nervous and a lot anxious.But in the mean time I am going to make sure I have a smashing St. Patricks day as I love being Irish
    , and I love to celebrate in (I am not from Ireland but my grandfather was from county cork, Ireland. I just love the heritage.) Hopefully the 6 week wait o see the RE won't kill me.
  • paganbaby paganbaby's Avatar 02-23-07 | 04:10 PM
  • have a good St Patricks Day!!!

    with your IUI, 6weeks will fly by, it will be here in no time!



  • dawnmarie dawnmarie's Avatar 02-23-07 | 08:28 PM

    I am Dawn, I have been on this board for a long time so I still call this my home! dh and I did many, many IUI's, no luck, I have had one m/c in 1999. Long story short we decided to adopt instead of doing IVF. Our insurance didn't cover IVF! so now we have 2 beautiful daughters from CHina! so anyhoo! hopefully your not here long!
    I am part irish too! In fact today I have on my "everyone loves an irish girl" t shirt!!
  • Susan Susan's Avatar 02-23-07 | 11:11 PM
  • good luck! have a great st patricks day!
  • AmyM AmyM's Avatar 02-24-07 | 12:12 AM
  • I hope your ttc journey ends soon. Good luck!