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Hello all, I am a newbie!

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  • hopetobemomofthree hopetobemomofthree's Avatar 09-22-08 | 01:52 PM
  • Hello to all you ladies. Before I get started I wish each of you luck in your TTC journey.

    I am TTC #3. If it had been up to me, I would have started the process a couple of months ago, but DH has not been quite on board. He is there this cycle though! LOL!

    I am a mother of two blessings, a DD who just turned 7 and in the 2nd grade, and a DS who is 4 and will be 5 in October and in pre-school. I am 34, so I feel that the clock is ticking! I work full time and am in school full time.

    I thought I was done with having children, but the baby bug has been lurking for about 6 months. I think it is for real! LOL!

    When I was TTC#1, I dealt with 2 years of infertility.
    Then I ended up in a surprise pregnancy in less than a year, which ended in m/c at 12 weeks.
    When I was TTC#2, we decided the first month, and voila!
    Now on to TTC#3, I did have an ovary removed in May because I had a tumor on it. According to my GYN, I still have good chances of pregnancy. We shall see!

    I look forward to getting to know you guys, eventhough the goal is for graduation!

    I am going to start charting completely next cycle if this one didn't end in pregnancy. I had very serious EWCW around cycle day 13 & 14, today is CD 20. So I guess I am about 5DPO.

    Here are some questions:

    When is the earliest possible testing?
    About when does implantation bleeding occur? I had a bit of brownish discharge very slimy (sorry if TMI!) a day ago, but figured it was too early for implantation...What do you all think?


  • Keepers Keepers's Avatar 09-22-08 | 02:11 PM
  • Hi and welcome to TBC!
    I hope your stay here is nice and short! The earliest I think and most would probably be to begin testing is 10 DPO which I know and most know is very HARD!
    The brownish discharge is a good sign but no every woman has implantation bleeding. I have had to pregnancies before and never had implantation bleeding. Each person is different. I hope in a couple days you get your BFP!
    I am also 5 DPO and have been instructed to test on Oct 3 because I had to HCG shot however I doubt I can hold out to test.
  • pearlgirlulm pearlgirlulm's Avatar 09-22-08 | 02:17 PM
  • I just wanted to welcome you too. I do not know much about testing because I have always gotten a BFN. However, from what I have heard the EARLIEST anyone in here as gotten a BFP was on 10 dpo, but a lot of people wait until 12 dpo to confirm. However, with that being said I think I can safely say that we are all big pee o a stick addicts.
  • hopetobemomofthree hopetobemomofthree's Avatar 09-22-08 | 02:20 PM
  • I am excited to have a DPO buddy! LOL! Maybe we can keep each other from testing. I know that I probably should not test until a few days after my expected period, but who really does that when you WANT to get pregnant! LOL!

    I have NOOO symptoms....I wished my boobs were sore.....I am going to try to chill out and just enjoy the wait. HA! Who am I kidding?

    Good luck girl!

    TTC#3, C#1, CD#19, 5DPO
  • Payday1989 09-22-08 | 02:20 PM
  • Welcome! I hope your stay is short and onto the due date boards!