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Hello ladies!, (baby ment)

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  • dawnmarie dawnmarie's Avatar 12-11-04 | 11:49 PM

    Hi ladies! I just thought I would pop in and say hello and I just added a new pic in my signature of Chloe and us if you wanted to see!
    Michael and I have been talking and we have given up trying to conceive a bio child, so I think we are going to try for another adoption from CHina!!!!!! we really want Chloe to have a sibling and feel extremely blessed to have been able to become Chloe's parents!!

    My doc recently put me on the birth control pill to help regulate my cycles because of the pcos, (she refused to give me metformin!!!!!!) so yay, it's a good thing she put me on the pill the way I keep "popping" kids out!!!!!!!!

    So long story short, we will be in the poor house but I really feel like a baby girl sister for CHloe would be great, and close our chapter to "having children".......

    Hope you ladies are well and I pray for you all to get your miracles.....
  • Beagle Beagle's Avatar 12-12-04 | 11:10 AM

    That is great about getting a little sister for Chloe. She is so cute!

    I wish you all the best!
  • LeAnnimal LeAnnimal's Avatar 12-12-04 | 02:00 PM
  • that sounds wonderful! Congrats to you and good luck!
  • Celia_M 12-12-04 | 02:08 PM
  • You all look so wonderful together in that photo!!! Made my heart melt seeing it, Thankyou for sharing! Chloe is such a little darling!! Good luck with getting her a sister
    Best wishes to you all.
  • erinjj erinjj's Avatar 12-13-04 | 10:35 AM
  • That's a great picture Dawn!

    Best of luck with your next adoption, any idea of when you will be going?