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  • countrycutieluv countrycutieluv's Avatar 09-02-08 | 10:02 PM
  • I would like to hear some experiences.How do you deal with a BFN each month? Do you have a place you go to release your frustration? Do you go shopping? Do you lock yourself in your room and loose yourself in a book?I know I am haven't been here long,only my 4th month ttc.There a plenty of ladies here that have been TTC longer with more intervention.Thats why I would like to ask how do you get through each month?I would like to maybe get some idea's on how to deal.When I wanted another baby after I got my tubes tied my ex husband got me a little puppy "Belle".That was my baby because my tubes were tied and he was DEAD set against getting the untied.So any idea's,experiances would be wonderful. I wish we would all just get a BFP so we can go baby shopping!
    Thanks for the input!

    I have attached a picture of my baby Belle who is now almost 5.
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  • Keepers Keepers's Avatar 09-03-08 | 07:07 AM
  • I dont know. I have been TTC for 15 cycles and well...they dont get easier. I just kinda of hide my anger, my sadness. It is hard on a marriage and sometimes I dont know if I am making the right desicion but we really want another child and I think I would regret it in a couple years if I didnt have another. But I just try to keep positive and when I get AF its a new beginning for me and I just think about the fact that I might get a BFP in 30 days You knoww?
Thank you Keepers!
countrycutieluv (09-03-08)
  • pearlgirlulm pearlgirlulm's Avatar 09-03-08 | 10:53 AM
  • I agree that it never gets easier. I have been trying to get pregnant since December 2003. That means I have been trying to get pregnant for 57 months and each month is a disappointment. I always say "I will be happy when I get pregnant." What is going to happen after I get pregnant? I don't want to live my life saying "I will be happy when..." I want to be happy now! I have been given a wonderful opportunity to develop a great relationship and have fun with my husband. My mom always tells me that most couples would kill for what I have. She always says "Amanda you get to come home and relax and sit around. Other people have children to bath and dinner to cook and homework to help with. Just relax and enjoy it while you can. You will have children."

    It used to make me so mad when she said this. I would think.."but I want to be doing all those things." Now I try to focus on that I have more time to just focus on me and my husband.

    The other thing that I do is go to the room by myself,when my husband is not home, and cry. I cry it all out really quick. It does not help to hold it in for me. I can not hide my emotions. So I do not want to be sad around everyone. Or I will get tried and irrating sayings like.."Stop trying and then you will get pregnant." "Try adoption" "You are just not meant to have kids right now" and etc.

    My grandma always tells me..."God is never late. He is never early. He is always right on time." That helps me if I really think about it.
Thank you pearlgirlulm!
countrycutieluv (09-03-08)
  • countrycutieluv countrycutieluv's Avatar 09-03-08 | 11:39 AM
  • I agree with you amanda.I can't sit dwell too much on trying to get pg cause life will pass you by.I appreciate all of the experience's.
    Helps me a lot.Thank you ladies!
  • 3Princes 09-03-08 | 07:52 PM
  • I haven't been trying very long this time, but actually this time is harder because I feel like time is running out for me, and I'm running in accepting that the "baby" part of my life is over.

    I used to like to just be alone, but now that's hard because of the kids. I used to go shopping a lot too. Then, I realized that just because I wasn't pg didn't mean I had more money-- it meant I'd just flushed $400 down the toilet, along with a months worth of hard work and dedication. So now, I just try to go on as much as I can with my "regular life." Since I had trouble getting pg both other times too, I often try to reflect on the blessings I do have.


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