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How to treat ovulation dysfunction?

How to treat ovulation dysfunction?

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  • suzane 11-08-17 | 07:29 AM
  • Hi! I am Suzane. I am 35 years old. My husband is 39 years old. I am diagnosed as infertile. I have ovulation dysfunction. I want to know more about it. Can it be treatable? What we ca do about it? Can we still have a baby in the future? I want to try anything because I want to get out of this depression.

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  • AlisaB 11-08-17 | 08:36 AM
  • One of the main causes of ovulation dysfunction is polycystic ovarian syndrome. That is condition that can impact a woman’s hormone levels, weight and menstrual cycles. Women under extreme stress, those suffering from eating disorders and individuals with thyroid issues may also face ovulation issues. Fertility medication is the first line treatment for ovulation dysfunction. If this doesn’t work in six cycles, the doctor will usually recommend injectable fertility medications. When these options fail he may suggest moving on to other options such as intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in-vitro fertilization. Hope you will cure your dysfunction. If not, be open to other solutions. Try with special clinics for infertility.
  • suzane 11-08-17 | 08:42 AM
  • Thank you Alisa. I am open to every other solution. My wish to have a baby is bigger than anything. I am going to my doctor the next week. I think we will start with treatment then. I hope that this will work. I am nervous, I want to start as soon as possible. I heard about ivf. I will keep that in mind. If nothing else cannot help me that will be my choice.
  • AlisaB 11-08-17 | 08:48 AM
  • Try to stay positive about that. If you are interested I can tell you about Clinic BioTexCom in Ukraine. A very good clinic for infertility treatments. The doctors are expert in their job. I hope you will contact us soon with good news. If you need an advice or just a kind words contact me. I know very well how you feel. Someone who was in that situation is more able to understand what are you going through.
  • suzane 11-08-17 | 08:54 AM
  • Thank you again for the support. It means a lot to me to have someone to talk to. I want to stay calm. Sometimes I fell in depressive stage. Then I cry out all of my tears. I feel better after that but I don't want that family see how hard it is to me. I can see that it's hard for them too. They often aoid this subject when I am arround them.