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  • JStar 12-28-16 | 05:02 AM
  • Hi, everybody! I want to ask your advice. Is there anybody here who have decided to go abroad to get its egg donation program& I’m American, but four years ago I married a guy from Germany. At present we live in Berlin. Two years ago both of my ovaries were extracted because I had large cysts on them. However, I have a womb, so I can conceive if I use a donor egg. Unfortunately, egg donation is prohibited in Germany, so we have to go somewhere abroad to get a donor egg.
    We have read loads of information about various reproductive clinics in the internet, and got interested in a Ukrainian one. It is called Biotexcom. The clinic is situated in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.
    Overall, we found loads of favorable feedbacks about it in the net and visited its official website where we could read about the clinic’s services and its fees.
    Two weeks ago we came back from Ukraine and were really puzzled what we saw in a real life…
    The clinic turned to be a small private house with various doctor’s offices. The halls are so overcrowded that some clients even had to sit on the stairs. The staff was too busy. I guess if they could, they would run.
    I didn’t like the clinic’s administrator. Her eyes, voice and facial expression proved that she was nervous and really tired of communicating with the patients. The phone rang every ten minutes, and the administrator didn’t have time to answer.
    There were large queues everywhere. We had to wait nearly an hour before the doctor was ready to meet us. While waiting in the queue, we got acquainted with one French couple. They were also getting their egg donation program there. They told us loads of things about the clinic, and we were really shocked by the fact how careless the clinic managers were.
    Firstly, the clients always have to wait in the queue. Sometimes they even have to come the following day to get a doctor’s consultation. Our new male acquaintance told us that he had to wait nearly two hours before they were able to pick up his sperm, and it made him so tired and nervous…
    We visited another reproductive clinic in Kiev named Isida. The atmosphere was different there: a quiet and empty hall, a smiling administrator and a very soothing doctor.
    We’ve decided not to sign up a contract with any clinic yet. Now we are pondering what to do further: to contact one of Ukrainian clinics or look for something else? What do you think about it??? Maybe, there is someone else who has already been in Ukraine and had his egg donation program there???
  • Kattythegirl 01-03-17 | 01:29 PM
  • Hi, dear. Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience in egg donation and I know nothing about Ukraine and Ukrainian fertility clinics. However, I would advise to google more information about this clinic. You may visit various fertility forums and reed their former clients’ feedbacks there.
    P.S. If I were in your shoes, I would quit them. Reputable clinics are always attentive to their clients!!! I wish you good luck, dear!!!
  • JStar 01-08-17 | 12:18 PM
  • Hi, Katty! Nice to meet you, dear! We really googled some information about this clinic. In addition, we visited quite a lot of fertility forums and found some feedbacks about this clinic there. Most of these feedbacks were favorable ones. However, some couples also copmplained that they made them wait in large queues. I’ve also found the fact that they had helped a 66-year-old woman get pregnant. What do you think about it?
  • Mollythegirl 01-15-17 | 09:04 AM
  • Hi! I think you should check the way they’re going to find an egg donor for you. I reckon it’s the key moment in choosing the clinic, don’t you think so? It should be a young and healthy woman. In addition, she should possess a healthy heredity. I would also check the way they’re going to treat the egg donor. Egg donors do a great job, so they deserve the best of the best!!!
  • JStar 01-24-17 | 01:54 PM
  • I quite agree with you, hun. Egg donors do the great job, and I wouldn’t agree to deal with the clinic that deceives such women. We talked with the clinic’s representatives about it and they reassured us that the egg donors get a decent compensation for their eggs. The clinic pays back all their transportation and living expenses when these women come to the clinic for collecting their eggs. The clinic also has certain criteria which they use in finding egg donors. Firstly, the woman must be from 18-25 years old. She must be totally healthy and have at least one healthy child delivered naturally. Finally, the woman must have a healthy heredity: her parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles shouldn’t have any hereditary issues.

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