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I just need your help!

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  • LovelyWoman 04-23-17 | 04:30 PM
  • JStar, I think you’re the one who should make the final decision in this situation. You must feel comfortable with the clinic and trust the RE you’re dealing with. The fact that the clinic has loads of patients doesn’t sound bad. For me, it’s a good sign. Did you speak with their client manager? If I were in your shoes, I would do this. If they’re a reputable clinic they will do their best to fix everything.
  • JStar 05-11-17 | 07:52 AM
  • We spoke with their client manager. She apologized and told us that the clinic was really busy during that time. They plan to open three more clinics in Kiev to serve their clients better. She also offered us to visit the clinic one more time. She promised us to organize our visit much better. My hubby and I decided to visit them the following month. We’ve already bought some tickets.
  • LovelyWoman 06-27-17 | 06:17 AM
  • Hi, JStar! Did you visit the clinic? If yes, how did they treat you this time? Did you sign up a contract with them?
    P.S. I’ve visited several fertility forums and found some feedbacks about Biotexcom there. The clinic seems to be quite ok. Most of feedbacks about them were positive ones. At any rate, good luck in your ED journey!
  • JStar 07-09-17 | 09:25 AM
  • Yes, we visited the clinic and even signed up a contract with them. They did their best to please us during our second visit to the clinic. Firstly, they appointed a new program manager. She was so sweet and tried to organize our visits to the clinic in the way that we didn’t have to wait much time in the queue. We also liked the RE who is in charge of our program. She seems to be a real professional. They’ve found a nice egg donor for us now. We could even see her photos. Now, I’m taking birth control pills to get ready for FET. Next month, we’re going to do the first attempt.
  • LovelyWoman 07-27-17 | 06:10 AM
  • I’m really happy about you, hun! Your egg donation journey has already started and you may get all chances to become pregnant soon! All these things sound really great. I think it’s a good sign that the clinic reps managed to fix their faults and organize your second visit to the clinic properly. It may mean that they are real professionals. I wish you good luck in your DE IVF journey and send loads of baby dust on your! Looking forward to hear your updates, hun!