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I just need your help!

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  • hellen201 08-02-17 | 06:41 AM
  • hello dear, what an experience there you have! i must agree that what you have said there is a complete opposite of the biotexcom i recently visited. it could be that the overcrowding was because of the numerous clients from both Europe and America. even on the set date of my visit, the issue of crowds was inevitable. however, we were picked from the airport and booked into hostels belonging to the clinic.
    the issue of eggs has not been problem as the clinic runs a functional database with volunteers donors coming up each day. this is the best fertility clinic Ukraine and maybe you built your hopes to highly. even at that you cant fail to get quality service.
  • Anari 08-15-17 | 07:32 AM
  • Good afternoon! I was looking for a surrogate mother for about a year ... I do not advise anyone ... it was just horror, 80% of fraudsters ... There are special clinics that take care of all these rebounds ... I agree their services are expensive, but But you are fully insured from all sides ... The fact that this mother will not refuse at the last moment when embryos have been frozen once (as it was with us), etc. And many things are not good! We also looked at a number of intermediary firms, until we reached a clinic where we were able to find a good surrogate mother. We were very lucky with her, she took the bag funny, but did a good job. It is very convenient, the main thing is to find one, but in our country it does not work out very well! Good luck to all! And I advise you to consult a few doctors and several clinics. So that you have the opportunity to compare how your clinic is better. In addition, in many countries different prices for this service. Therefore, choosing a clinic and finding a doctor is not easy. If you are interested, I can recommend my clinic to you.