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I just want to share a success story

I just want to share a success story

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  • lilis 12-18-17 | 06:25 AM



    The first time my friend became pregnant, it was a complete surprise. “They weren’t even trying,” she recalls. She was 25, and she didn’t feel ready to have a child. She thought, ‘Wait, I’m too young to have a baby!'”
    She moved to the United States from Mexico when she was a teenager, had what she calls a “perfect pregnancy” and an easy delivery. Until the last minute, when her baby went into fetal distress and was born dead. “They couldn’t find anything wrong,” she says. “They think she may have choked on some phlegm.”
    After losing their baby, she and her husband, decided to wait before trying again. Three years later, when they decided they were ready, she couldn’t seem to get pregnant.
    The fertility specialists they consulted couldn’t find anything wrong with either of them. One doctor suggested that she weight might be impeding conception. So she dropped the extra pounds but still didn’t get pregnant. Over the next five years, they sold their house and cashed in their retirement plans so they could afford fertility treatments. After two IVF procedures, she still wasn’t pregnant.
    It was a terrible time, she says today. It put such a stress on their marriage. Sex was no longer fun — her husband was like a machine in her eyes. It was like, Come on, it’s time, get over here!
    Finally, the fertility specialist told the couple that, even though she could find no physical reason they could not bear a child, there was nothing more she could do. “She just don’t think it’s going to happen.
    They were very sad. But by then, they had pretty much given hope to them.
    Six or seven months after they stopped fertility treatments, she went to the doctor for a checkup. She was concerned because she was tired all the time and kept bursting into tears for no apparent reason. After running several tests, her doctor told her to sit down — and informed her that she was eight weeks pregnant.
    She now thinks that her infertility was caused at least in part by the trauma of losing her first child. She was so afraid of going through it all again, even though it was what she wanted more than anything. The first time, it was such an easy pregnancy, and everything went perfect. But if everything was perfect, how could her baby die? And could it happen all over again?
    Perhaps because she’d tried so hard and for so long, when she finally got pregnant. She was able to enjoy the experience completely. She just felt joy and happiness the whole time. It was considered a high-risk pregnancy because she was 35 and what had happened before. But everything went fine. Her son was born in 2016.
    She’ve loved every minute of being a mother. You hear people complaining about their kids, about getting up in the night, about flus and vomiting. But if you have trouble having a baby, you cherish every minute.
  • nasty 12-18-17 | 06:54 AM
  • Hi, thanks for sharing your friend's story. It's always nice to read stories that have a positive ending.Yes, indeed, if her child was born dead, there must be some reason for that. Perhaps the child was born prematurely. And his lungs have not yet opened. But this also has its own reasons, perhaps a low tone of the uterus.Probably these were problems in the pregnancy itself, and not in your friend. Perhaps she needed to better prepare for pregnancy or immediately go to the hospital.Maybe she needed to stay in the hospital and be there throughout the pregnancy.I can say that there can be a lot of reasons, but I can not imagine anything without knowing the diagnosis.

    Now I would like to say a few words about the stress. Yes, indeed, stress is a provoker of many diseases. Many diseases are caused due to prolonged depression. But nevertheless, I do not think that stress was the reason that your friend could not conceive a child.

    I could not get pregnant for 4 years, the doctors said that I was fine, they assumed that the reason was in my husband. What we just did not do .... and drank herbs, and tablets, vitamins, I did special physical training. I was very worried, I cried, I envied my friends. Then the husband had a child from another woman. But the doctors told me that the reason was in the husband !? I divorced my husband, I could not forgive betrayal. It's just that he was not my destiny.
  • dabi 12-18-17 | 07:26 AM
  • I also think that stress can not be the reason for a failed conception. After all, your friend really wanted a child. Surely she led a healthy lifestyle. Perhaps her body was not ready for a new pregnancy?
    But I also would like to thank you for sharing successful history of your friend.
    We are very interested, maybe there was some reason that your friend could not get pregnant?
    Maybe there were any problems with her husband?
    He was examined or not?
    And what helped to get pregnant your friend? Maybe it had any treatment? Maybe it was the alternative medicine?
    Girls, I'm new on the forum, we have no children for 8 years. Everything is perfect, and my husband and I, but I can not conceive a child. We survived 4 IVF, the doctor said that we must do hysteroscopy. The doctor suggested that problems can be in the endometrium. The last IVF we did abroad, we still had embryos for freezing.
    Reading the forum, I understand that I'm not alone in my problem. Yes it is very difficult, but hope gives us the strength to move on. I wish all women to give birth to their long-awaited children.
  • viki 12-18-17 | 07:51 AM
  • Hi girls, I'm also very pleased to read stories with a happy ending. But I'm also ready to share a happy story. But first of all I would like to say a few words for Nasty. Honey, do not worry about this situation. So your ex-husband was a coward and a traitor. You should thank the fate that you broke up, maybe in the future you will meet a real man and be able to get pregnant.
    We have been treated for infertility for 3 years. We were diagnosed with: infertility of the 1st degree of mixed genesis, immunological factor (incompatibility).Each menstrual cycle - it was depression and an ocean of tears, I was already beginning to fear for my psyche. Sometimes I thought that I was able to steal someone else's child. Doctors said that the only way out is IVF. And there is a hope that after IVF something in my body will change and I can get pregnant. As a result, 1 attempt of IVF is a failure, but immediately in the next cycle after IVF-a success. And independent luck, it's just a miracle, now we are 12 weeks old. Dabi, dear, believe in yourself and fight to the end, miracles happen and my baby is proof of this. Good luck to you and remember that infertility is not a sentence, but just another obstacle to the path to boundless happiness.
  • el123 12-18-17 | 11:06 AM
  • The doctors found me with clomediosis and removed the pipes. My husband and I have long wanted to conceive a child. The doctor said that we need to do IVF. I've read on the forums that not all IVF success. I Chose a clinic on the advice of a friend. Who had the same problem? How you did it go? What clinic did you choose? Have you traveled abroad or found a clinic in your country?

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