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I just want to share a success story

I just want to share a success story

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  • el123 12-26-17 | 09:29 AM
  • Quote de dabi
    I also think that stress can not be the reason for a failed conception. After all, your friend really wanted a child. Surely she led a healthy lifestyle. Perhaps her body was not ready for a new pregnancy?
    But I also would like to thank you for sharing successful history of your friend.
    We are very interested, maybe there was some reason that your friend could not get pregnant?
    Maybe there were any problems with her husband?
    He was examined or not?
    And what helped to get pregnant your friend? Maybe it had any treatment? Maybe it was the alternative medicine?
    Girls, I'm new on the forum, we have no children for 8 years. Everything is perfect, and my husband and I, but I can not conceive a child. We survived 4 IVF, the doctor said that we must do hysteroscopy. The doctor suggested that problems can be in the endometrium. The last IVF we did abroad, we still had embryos for freezing.
    Reading the forum, I understand that I'm not alone in my problem. Yes it is very difficult, but hope gives us the strength to move on. I wish all women to give birth to their long-awaited children.
    Hi Dabi, in my opinion 8 years is a very long time. It seems to me that you should think about surrogacy. Because, the doctor can not give you guarantees that you will be able to conceive a child naturally. I think you're just wasting your time and you need to face the truth. It seems to me that in such cases, surrogacy is the only effective option. Have you read my story? My story is also not very joyful, but now we have found a clinic, and we begin preparations for our attempt.We will try to do IVF, and if the IVF procedure does not work, then we will enter the program of surrogacy. To be honest, I immediately wanted to enter the program of surrogacy. But the doctors advised first to try IVF. But I already found out all the information about the surrogacy in the clinic that we came to now. Therefore, if my advice on surrogacy was useful to you, I can answer your other questions about this. I would like to immediately join the program of surrogacy, because in my opinion, we would have more guarantees that everything will work out well than it can be with IVF. Because the surrogate mother becomes a completely healthy woman, which means that she can bear the child without problems.And by the way, I did not worry about all the difficulties that might arise. But all the same, first we will try IVF. Now I start to follow the protein diet before IVF.I wish good luck to you and I hope for your reply.
  • dabi 12-26-17 | 09:46 AM
  • Hello El123, I read your story, I also wish success to you. Yes, recently I often think about joining the program of surrogacy. Because we have suffered so many failures that we do not know what else can be done. But for me, surrogacy is not an easy decision. I am very worried about this, namely, that would not make a mistake when choosing a surrogate mother. In addition, we need to find a good clinic and evaluate our financial capabilities. I understand that we will need to go abroad for this. Therefore, I know that in our country there is no commercial surrogacy. Of course, trips abroad are not unusual for us, because we did our last IVF abroad. Moreover, surrogacy and IVF abroad are cheaper than ours. But I also worry that we will need to resolve legal issues. Namely, we will have to pay a lot of attention to signing a contract with a surrogate mother. We will need to think about every aspect of the contract. And after the birth of the child, we will also need to solve legal issues? How difficult is this process and does the clinic help in resolving these issues? If you have information on this matter and you consulted with a doctor, I will be happy to hear your answers.
  • el123 12-26-17 | 10:01 AM
  • It seems to me that you are exaggerating too much. Yes, undoubtedly surrogate motherhood is not the simplest process, but nevertheless everything is not so difficult as you described. First, you face these issues gradually, and not at the same time. Secondly, as I was told in the clinic, they will help with the preparation of documents and the contract. Thirdly, the surrogate mother will also be selected at the clinic. You will not need to look for a surrogate mother on the Internet or on ads. As for finance, I got a consultation and I can answer you and this question. In the clinic we came to, there are several packages for entering the program of surrogacy. First, this is a VIP package, which means that the waiting time is very short. Second, this is a standard package - here the waiting time is slightly longer than with a VIP package, about a few months. I know that before there was also the Economy package, but it is no longer available until 2019. But there the waiting time was longer than with the standard package. For example, I think that the most optimal is the standard package, but if you want to do it still faster then you can choose a VIP package. But of course the standard package is cheaper. But I counted and it turned out that even the VIP package is much cheaper than the Economy package in our country. Strictly speaking, you can consult about the price in the clinic, because I asked the answers in all the questions that interested me.
  • dabi 12-26-17 | 10:18 AM
  • Thank you for your informative answer, maybe in a short time we will turn to the clinic for more information. But you did not say what clinic you were referring to on this issue. How can we go there if we do not know the name of the clinic. It is very good that a surrogate mother picks up in the clinic. Because I can not imagine how to find a surrogate mother alone. Honestly, it seems to me that looking for a surrogate mother outside the clinic is not only a long process, but also a dangerous one. Moreover, as I understand, the surrogate mother from the clinic will already have all the necessary tests. This will also help reduce the waiting time for the beginning of the entire process. Thank you for your response regarding the packages that are available. Of course, we probably would have taken advantage of the Economy package, but if it is not available in 2018, we'll need to think about the standard package. Because if after consultation we decide to stay in this clinic, then we will not wait a year. But it seems to me that the VIP package will be a little expensive for us. Although, we need to consult the clinic on this issue. Perhaps we can take a VIP package. And how do you think we can get advice on arrival? Or will we need to decide on the date of arrival and inform the clinic in advance?
  • el123 12-26-17 | 10:34 AM
  • I'm sorry, I did not notice that I did not tell you the name of the clinic we contacted. It is biotexcom. It seems to me that you need to decide on the date of arrival at the clinic and inform them in advance. After all, we found that there are so many patients here and so if you arrive without warning, you can wait a long time for your turn. And so you will know exactly for what time you need to come. But I can tell you that we notified the clinic about our arrival, even for the first consultation. We just did not think that we could do something differently. After all, you are traveling abroad, how can you do this without an appointment? You have very surprised me with this question. Yes, of course, I asked about the surrogate mother. All women who will be offered for the role of a surrogate mother have already passed all necessary examinations. In addition, these women were interviewed by a psychologist. And this means that you can be sure that she will not give up her duties. I'm generally against the fact that a surrogate mother would be searched on the Internet or on ads. Because it often happens that these women can be scammers. It seems to me that you need to choose a surrogate mother only in the clinic. Because it is a guarantee that the whole process will be successful. And I forgot to add that if the procedure with the first surrogate mother was unsuccessful, then you will be replaced by a surrogate mother.

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