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I need to vent... :(

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  • sleepybears 07-27-10 | 04:12 PM
  • [SIZE=3]I have had the same experience. Sorry I know this is your post but after I read yours, I just have to vent.  
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    [SIZE=3]My husband and I have been actively trying since March. I'm 34 already and I don't want to wait no more. But since we're trying, we have been so much with his bro getting married with 2 wedding banquets in May/ Jul in 2 different states, and having all that family celebration/ gathering on my husband's side of family. They just have something going on every weekend or so. We are so busy during weekend that we donít even have time to enjoy ourselves and make babies. Honestly, I didn't enjoy that, esp. when my in-laws were there. [/SIZE]
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    [SIZE=3]My in-laws never want us to have kids because they're selfish. They think that if we start our own family, we won't spend as much time with time. And my husband also subsciously think that we don't have to have kids so early cuz of his ridiculous parents...

    [SIZE=3] [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3]Also with such a bad economy, I was thinking to wait a little. But when I just turned 34, I also discovered I have 2 fibroids. After seeing the Dr., she said Iím fine despite that. So I finally told my DH that we should try to have a baby. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3] [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3]But I knew with my age and 2 fibroids, it may not be as easy. The worst is not that. Once we started trying, I found out many of my married friends are expecting a baby. And one friend I havenít seen for a long time even sent me an email suddenly telling me sheís just had a baby girl. The strange thing is she didnít tell the other friends who she is more familiar with. I just canít believe it. And then at bro-in-lawís wedding, another friend and her husband just told me sheís expecting a baby. I know that Iím supposed to be happy for them. But in the bottom of my heart, Iím not. Why is everyone surrounding me suddenly having a baby? Also Iíve been to so many of my husbandís cousinsí baby birthday parties. Almost all of his cousins (and he has more than 10 cousinsÖ so you can count) and his sister have babies. Donít get me wrong, I love seeing all the babies and they are so lovely. But at the same time, this just hurt me so much. Relatives have been asking me when weíre having a baby too, except my crazy in-laws. I donít really know how to answerÖ L Whenever I see those lovely babies, I was so happy and sad at the same time. My DH is so optimistic and he just canít understandÖ [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3] [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3]Sorry this is longÖ but my period just arrived yesterday. I am so sad when itís here that I just canít help. Whenever I saw my BBT drops a little in the past few days, I just knew. I was hoping that this month could be the monthÖ [/SIZE]
  • jlynn1313 jlynn1313's Avatar 08-06-10 | 01:33 PM
  • I'm so sorry hun! I understand the need to vent. I've been there and done that. Hang in there and try to have hope. Do what is best for YOUR family, not everyone else's. I hope you get your baby very soon.

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