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I'm trying to conceived for the past two years

I'm trying to conceived for the past two years

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  • Eeman01 01-16-15 | 03:38 AM
  • Hi everyone, i've bin trying 4 two yaers. Never take pills, need ur help and prayers plss. because i already started giving up.
  • om Muhammed 01-23-15 | 11:56 AM
  • I am right there with you. Well almost, it will be two years in July. But with PCOS and advanced age it is not going to be an easy corse. Dont give up. If you have a uterus and cycles there is lots of things to try. Last month we tried Clomid. Cycle started a week early. This month no meds as my precription did not go into the pharmacy until day 8. So too late to begin. So unmedicated, but baby danced anyway! Why not? Eventually my body might respond to meds. This cycle seemed different. Drier than I have been since TTC. Mid cycle wetter. But also tried Pre-seed. But we used it right on day 14. So now offically on my TWW. Yep. Well I guess really 10 days! I don't mind testing a few days early!
  • Ayen 01-25-15 | 09:10 AM
  • Hi there, I think you need to go to a doctor to see if everything is okay with your body. Supplements and vitamins are also a big help to conceive. Folic acid, vitamin E and multivitamins can also help. Let me also share here with you a site I've been using to track my ovulation period and I hope it could help you too, good luck.
  • dazzyshahu 09-23-17 | 04:37 AM
  • Welcome brave sister at this digital online platform. I can understand your problem in easy and effective way. I also face same problem like you in my life just 2 year ago. You need not panic about this crucial problem in your life. It is time to make appropriate planning with positive attitude toward life that is genuine way to get sufficient positive energy to defeat this infertility problem. I am one of the lucky women who defeat infertility problem in my life with easy and effective tips and tricks that provide easy conceiving in my life. You should not compromise with healthy lifestyle in this busy schedule life with less physical activity that create major pregnancy related problem.
    You should understand your body signal very well to overcome this is stressful situation in life. I want to forget those days of my life that are full of stress and depression due to my infertility problem. I want to accept that we use man effective method but failed every time that feels my whole life with emptiness I want to overcome this difficult situation at any cost. Once we have to attend a marriage party in Ukraine where we have we met my old college friend who is popular gynecologist of Ukraine we discuss our problem in detail to get permanent solution of my infertility problem. You can maintain your body hormone level in balance with healthy lifestyle and balanced diet that provide sufficient blood supply to all reproduction system for genuine working on the other hand balance diet is necessary to supply sufficient nutrition to wall body to see sudden magic effect on your body and mind. I am waiting for your reply to hear good news soon.
  • EmmaLK 10-08-17 | 05:57 PM
  • Oh, dear. Don't give up. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to get pregnant. I know it like no one else. I spent 10 years TTC. My main recommendation for you is to find the reproduction center and to consult several doctors. It is very important to consult several doctors, not just one.
    When I arrived to BioTexCom I was surprised. There were so many couples, which looked pretty happy. Later I found out that they all were infertile but they got a chance to become parents. It was a real pleasure to see them smiling. I also saw there several surrogates, walking in the garden. They looked amazing. They are doing a big thing and they are so brave.
    When the embryo was transferred and we found out that our surrogate is pregnant, I couldn’t believe it’s true. I was 44 at that moment and it was the best day of my life. I was going to become a mom. My husband was even happier than me.
    My mother didn’t want us to use the surrogacy. She was sure that it doesn’t work. But now she is a happy grandmother. I believe that a couple should do everything possible to become parents. There’s nothing more important than a baby. We love our son so much. He is so smart and active. We have taken him home in 1 week after his birth date. Since that moment our life has changed. We were taking care of someone else. It is really cool! I wish you the same happiness. Good luck, dear.

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