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  • Keepers Keepers's Avatar 10-27-08 | 07:18 PM
  • Does anyones insurance cover Infertility such as IUIs or IVF and the medicine?
    If so, what is it?
  • saffy saffy's Avatar 10-27-08 | 07:45 PM
  • I'm clueless about what mine would cover in that respect.
Thank you saffy!
Keepers (10-27-08)
  • 3Princes 10-27-08 | 07:49 PM
  • I have medical mutual of ohio and *shockingly!!!* this time around it covered all my meds with the exception of a $30 copay. My meds were like 3,000 for that cycle!
Thank you 3Princes!
Keepers (10-27-08)
  • hopeful7 hopeful7's Avatar 10-27-08 | 09:41 PM
  • I have a 10,000 lifetime max on fertility treatments and a 10,000 lifetime max on fertility meds. For iui's, ivf's and all other procedures my insurance pays 85%. However, one IVF cycle would take care of that.
Thank you hopeful7!
Keepers (10-27-08)
  • 3Princes 10-27-08 | 10:24 PM
  • My ins doesn't cover IUIs or IVF. However they do partially cover the u/s and b/w if I choose to have those.
Thank you 3Princes!
Keepers (10-27-08)