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  • Amber22 Amber22's Avatar 09-13-04 | 08:44 PM
  • hello everyone, im new, and just started activly ttc this month.. My name is Amber, i am almost 21, and my SO is Jay, 23.. We have a 6 month old daughter together, Alexis.. Since i have had Lex i have not been on BCP But i am breast feeding.. So now since she is 6 months i am going to start charting to try to catch when i ovulate.. Hopefully i will graduate here within a few months..
  • EllenZ EllenZ's Avatar 09-19-04 | 07:23 PM
  • Hi everyone, My name is Ellen and I'm 34 and my dh is 31. We have a beautiful dd, Annie who just turned 18 months old today. We have been ttc #2 for just about 12 months now. I'm seeing an RE and have done 3 injection cycles with IUI which all failed. Right now we are on a one month break because my last injection cycle caused me to have 7 ovarian cysts, so we had to sit this one out. We did try on our own this cycle anyway and now I am CD 33 and 17 DPO. It doesn't seem like AF is coming anytime soon (I am 4 days late) but I've gotten a few neg HPT's already. I'm off to my RE tomorrow morning to have b/w to see what's going on with me. I'm of course hoping that it's a BFP

    I'm looking forward to meeting all of you.
  • Sarahdi 09-25-04 | 06:29 PM
  • Hi all, I just signed up today! I'm Sarah (22) and have been married to my DH Mike (25) for a few months now. While I have been wanting to start trying for awhile, he is just now feeling comfortable with the idea, so here we go!

    I joined this group because most of my friends don't understand how much getting pregnant means to me. Hopefully, this will be a place I can talk and be listened to without feeling like I am being judged.

    Thanks for listening!
  • Toejammen Toejammen's Avatar 10-11-04 | 04:08 PM
  • Hi,

    My name is Rhonda. I am a 35 yr old SAHM to Elisabeth Nichole (19 months) Married to DH (37) for 6 wonderful years. Elisabeth was a complete miracle since we are dealing with extreme MIF. We have been TTC for 18 months and it took over 2 years to conceive Elisabeth. It gets extremely frustrating and depressing cycle after cycle and no success. But we still keep trying. I have been charting with FertilityFriend for over 4 years.

    Look forward to getting to know you all.
  • the_littleminx the_littleminx's Avatar 10-12-04 | 08:54 PM
  • Hi.
    I'm Rebekah (23), married to Jimmy (30) for 5+yrs, and SAHM to our beautiful 13mo dd Joey Nikole'. We are not actively ttc #2 quite yet but since we plan to start by the end of the year we aren't taking any precautions at this time either. I'm happy to be here and get to know all of you. I wish all of you the best of luck ttc and hope that we all have easy and successful journeys from here on out!

    to everyone!