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IUI Success Stories

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  • baby hungry 02-01-03 | 04:30 PM
  • Please Share your IUI Success Stories!
  • looki 02-19-03 | 11:45 PM
  • Well, I usually don't post here, but if my story can encourage someone, it's worth posting it...

    DH was diagnosed with low count, low motility and low morphology, plus the viscosity was real bad (semen way too thick)...
    It was diagnosed after a year of ttc#1 on our own with no success.

    After the routine tests (SA, PCT, HSG, Blood work) we did 3 cycles of IUI/Clomid with no success.

    Then we moved to IUI with injectibles (gonal_f)...
    IUI#4 and #5 didn't work so I had not much hope for IUI#6... to me big surprise, that one actually worked...
    I never thought IUI#6 will bring the results the previous 5 IUI's havn't, but it did. I tested postive 16 dpiui (was afraid to test earlier after so many failures) and could hardly believe the 2 lines.

    So, my point is simple - even if your 1st, 2nd or more IUI didn't work, please don't give up. I'm expceting a girl in 10 weeks, after several years of ttc and 6 IUI's, and after starting to think it will never happen, but it did. So don't give up hope.

    Wishing you all the best and good luck with your IUI's.

  • Bethann73 Bethann73's Avatar 03-06-03 | 02:12 PM
  • Where to begin.... DH and I started TTC July 2000. We tried for 16 months before getting pg in October of 2001. I m/c the baby and had a D&C on Dec. 6th 2001. We began ttc again on January 6, 2002. Come May my OB/GYN suggested clomid. So I took 50mg in May. Not pg. We continued ttc and doing the clomid til she got up to 150mg back in late October/early Nov. 2002. I was then referred to a RE. I saw the RE in December and we scheduled a LAP, HSG and Hysteroscopy for January 3rd because he could not see any reason why we weren't getting pg. So during the Lap etc he removed a bit of endo and a polyp from my uterus. AF came on 1/26/03. On CD4 I started 100mg of Clomid. On CD14 I went in for u/s and Dr. saw a bunch of follies so that night DH gave me the HCG shot. I had the IUI's on CD15 and 16 and ovulated on CD16. At 3DPO I started taking Prometrium 200mg a day.

    On 10DPO I took a test just because I wanted to see a ++ (as a result of leftover HCG trigger) and there was a light line. So trying not to get my hopes up I waited and tested again on 12DPO with the same brand test (EPT). The line was darker.
    So I tested the next 2 days to be sure and called my doc. On 15DPO my HCG was 100 with Prog. at +40 and at 17DPO HCG was 217 and Prog. +40.

    I am 5 weeks and 3 days today and had a u/s. My due date is Nov. 3rd. I saw the sack and doc said everything looks nice.

    I hope my story gives everyone some hope.

    Edited to update.. as of today 10/23/07 I am 15.5 weeks pg with #3..

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  • Artic wolf 04-08-03 | 04:02 PM
  • I don't usually post here either but here is our story.

    My husband had a vasectomy after the birth of our second son nine years before we started trying for a daughter. The doctors said chances were slim it would work because of scar tissue so we chose donor insemination.
    I went through FOUR months of UNMEDICATED IUI cycles with frozen donor sperm and got pregnant on the fourth attempt. We did only ONE IUI a month and a u/s to make sure there was an egg ready. I was 31 years old at the time and without any fertility problems. As a side note the egg had already released a few hours before and the sperm still found their way to it. Now I have a 21 month old daughter concieved from that IUI.
  • pidge pidge's Avatar 04-23-03 | 03:44 PM
  • Thanks for sharing your stories!

    I have an appointment with my new RE coming up soon, and will likely be moving onto medicated IUIs after a lap (that was suggested by the last RE, whom I had to leave because of an insurance change.) My HSG done in December looked great.

    Very cautiously optimistic...