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  • Anari 09-13-17 | 03:32 AM
  • Hi girls, now I will tell you my story. We returned from Ukraine two weeks ago. We use the surrogate motherhood program. We are very nervous, this is just the beginning of our journey to become a mom and dad. I can say that we have only positive emotions and impressions. I'll start from the beginning. We flew to Kiev late at night. I was so excited, I thought that I could not wait for the morning, we no longer went to bed. Because we were suffering from insomnia because of nervous tension. My husband was calmer than I, although I think he also worried deeply inside. We went to the hotel, and in the morning we went to the clinic. We were given a manager, she translated and explained to us the procedure and services. After that, we met with our doctor. She told us everything we need to know about surrogate motherhood, medical tests, requirements for surrogate mothers and so on. At first we thought that doctors would not speak English, but we made a mistake, the doctor spoke with us in English very well. We asked all the questions that we had, looked at the clinic and talked with our doctor. It remains only to sign a contract. What to say about the placement. Cozy and comfortable place! We also conducted all necessary medical tests. Everything was exactly the same as our friend told us. So, now we are at home, waiting for "news" from the clinic. I hope they will contact us soon. I hope our experience will help you somehow. We were in BioTexCom for the first time, we went there on the advice of our friend. He often happens in Ukraine and he found a clinic for us. Why did we choose Ukraine? Because there the commercial surrogate motherhood is allowed and regulated by law. And this is the most important point in this matter. The main thing is to be protected by the law, because you invest a lot of money in this business. And you must understand that the surrogate mother will not run away from your child and your money.
  • magicunicorn 09-14-17 | 09:57 AM
  • Thank you for sharing your story @Anari. Welcome to the forum.
    Happy to know you found a good place to have your treatment done. It is great to have the paperwork sorted out easily. How did you find biotex?
    Surrogacy is a very controverted topic right now. I hope it will become more accepted in the future.
    Please, let me know more about your experience at that clinic.
  • dazzyshahu 09-23-17 | 03:46 AM
  • Hello and welcome friend. First of all, I want to congratulation for this unforgettable moment in your life. This is golden opportunity in your life to celebrate this holy situation in your life with positive attitude toward life. I am feeling happy to see that you have real bonding with your partner to understand each other physical needs and emotional smartly to maintain proper balance in your marriage life that is the main positive point in your success to choose surrogacy treatment. This is good idea to share your success story at this open online platform that help you many infertile women to choose right path like you to enjoy baby gifts that fulfill whole life with happiness. I want to say this task is noble task. I want to pray God to provide health and wealth in you and your baby life. You should celebrate this opportunity in your life. You should express kind heart thanks to God to understand your problem in easy and effective way. You are the role model of many infertile women to achieve their target with the surrogacy treatment.
    This is success story provide some valuable tips and tricks to infertile women to convert their darkness life into endless brightness with healthy baby gift. This is smart idea to choose surrogacy treatment to avoid multiple miscarriage problems. This is completely medical research based treatment that chooses healthy egg donor that create win-win situation for you. You get real value of time and money with world-class treatment with high success rate that has capacity to make perfect mother in life. I am one of the lucky women who find this an inspiration success story at this reliable platform.
  • madona2017 09-30-17 | 11:33 PM
  • Hi girls, I want to tell you my story. We needed a surrogate mother. And besides, my husband had problems, so we needed donor sperm as well. You can imagine how much we needed to collect money. But since we decided to go to Ukraine, these procedures were cheaper for us. We were picked up by a good surrogate mother. She stayed in Ukraine, and we arrived every two months. But then I was very worried about the issue of donor sperm. Of course, we were also given the choice of the donor. But I was afraid that my husband would not accept this child. I understood that this was the husband who was the initiator of this process, but I still doubted. But still in my heart I kept thinking about it. I was afraid that then when the child grows up he can remember it. But you know that we are disturbing and unstable women. We chose for a long time where we should go. We were very upset when we learned that commercial surrogate motherhood was banned in Italy. And non-commercial surrogate motherhood did not suit us. I do not even know how I could offer this to my sister or girlfriend. I do not even know how they could react. And the more I will not imagine how I could offer this to my husband's sister. She already does not like me, by the way his family did not support us at all. And it seems to me that they do not want to communicate with the child. They consider him a stranger because of the use of donor sperm. My husband does not even communicate with his father because of this. Well, we began to look for where the surrogate motherhood is allowed. We wanted to go to Russia, until we got acquainted with the Russian laws. There, the laws are supported by a surrogate mother. When we found out about this, we immediately refused, because we pay money. Then we learned that we can go to Ukraine. There laws support biological parents. A surrogate mother may even go to jail if she refuses to give the child. We also searched for the clinic for a very long time. But found it on the forum. I read a few reviews about her and we decided to go there for a consultation. We all liked it, the price was also quite acceptable for us. So now I can recommend biotexcom because we are very grateful to them.
  • magicunicorn 10-05-17 | 07:56 AM
  • Hi @madona2017 welcome to the forum! Thank you for sharing your story. Certainly surrogacy or sperm donation are not easy topics.. Some people still have issues with it.
    Personally I think it is a pity that relatives could ignore an innocent baby. Family can be really against these procedures sometimes.
    However, I'm glad you and your husband went for what you wanted and found a good clinic. Did you come across biotexcom here in the forum?

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