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  • Anari 10-16-17 | 09:19 AM
  • Hello Kelly, I'm very happy if I helped you! You have done a good deed, the adoption of a child from an orphanage is a very important step and I am sure that fate will thank you. After all, it often happens that people who have lost faith in the fact that they can have their own child adopt children from an orphanage. And then a miracle happens - they get pregnant. I am very glad that you have found the strength for a surrogate motherhood. I'm glad that your surrogate mother is already pregnant. I hope that everything will be all right for you. Were you in the same clinic as me or not? I am very glad that I found here a participant with whom I can discuss all aspects of the maternity. It often happens that many friends avoid discussing this topic with us. My husband and I do not even know why. We do not hide that we decided on a surrogate motherhood. But in our country people perceive this as something new, unidentified, incomprehensible. But we are glad that we still found the clinic abroad and in this clinic we were helped. I would like to communicate with you in this forum and discuss the issues that are of interest to us. I hope you will support me? Tell me please, did you choose a surrogate mother who is married or for you in priority were unmarried mothers?
  • gesyrita 11-01-17 | 03:06 PM
  • Hello Anari. I found your post very influential and I hope other women also find it the same way. You are doing a great job by guiding the women with your experiences. I am so happy for you that you went for surrogacy. You don’t need to be so nervous. As you have seen that the clinic is so helpful and they will do all the things by themselves. Your journey to this clinic will be successful. I hope you will get your own child very soon. The process takes a bit time as almost three months will be required to find the surrogate mother an then the embryo will be implanted in her womb. Everything is working perfectly for you. Also, tell your husband that he does not need to worry. I have also heard a lot about the same clinic you have mentioned. My wishes and prayers are with you. Stay blessed.
  • phoeben 01-09-18 | 03:56 PM
  • Anari, thank you for sharing your story. I still don't understand why people are afraid of surrogacy. Our baby was also born by the surrogate. It was our last chance to become parents, so why shouldn't we use it?! We tried IVF 3 times but I couldn't get pregnant. That's why our doctor recommended us to enter the surrogacy program. We agreed and as a result we are happy parents now. After 6 years of ttc our dream came true. Of course, I don't regret that we did it.
    I thought it would be hard to see an outside woman being pregnant with my baby. But my husband was really supporting me. We saw our surrogate just a couple of times. We were often talking to our doctor. So, we were sure that everything was fine. The representatives of the clinic helped us to do everything in the right way. They helped us with the tests and examinations. They have chosen a great surrogate for us. We had nothing to worry about. We just had to wait for our baby to be born. We brought our baby home in one week after the delivery. I will never forget that day. It was amazing! A baby in our house! My dream came true and I was the happiest woman ever. My husband has changed so much. He is a great father. He is helping me with our baby. I love him very much. I really appreciate him for his help and support. I wish every woman could be as happy as I am. Kids change our life!

  • sara222 01-13-18 | 05:49 PM
  • I understand that you are nervous. It's understandable but you are in good hands. I believe you will receive a good news shortly. I agree, it's important to be protected by the law. Many countries doesn't allow surrogacy, and some doesn't have strict laws about it. I am glad that you found a country and clinic that makes you feel safe.
  • Ella997766 01-31-18 | 06:19 AM
  • Hello. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. I find it highly helpful. You answered many of my questions and now I feel more motivated towards surrogacy. I hope that everything ends up well for you and you get to have your baby and get the chance to complete your life. You are very lucky that you found a way to solve your problems.

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