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  • ChandyRae ChandyRae's Avatar 01-12-05 | 12:29 AM
  • Hey sweetie, you haven't made an appearance in a very long while so I thought I'd check in on you. How are things going with school? Did you get to have snow in your part of Texas? And, has DH been to the doctor like he said he would? Just know I'm thinking of you.
  • LeAnnimal LeAnnimal's Avatar 01-12-05 | 03:13 PM
  • HI there!

    Um school is school. They are nuts. We got some snow, but now we're just dealing with rain, rain and more rain, just like the rest of the country. DH keeps thretening to move to the deset, but the desert is raining too!!

    No, he hasn't gone
    But, after he gets home from this trip, he has promised me that he will go. He has a whole list of docs appointments to go to, that being one! Hopefully, he'll really go. He has now said that he's open to accupunture. ALthough, if we get the stock options we think we'll get with his company, he mentioned adoption! So, I think kids are still on his mind, we just don't know how we'll get there. kwim???

    Thanks for asking about me, just haven't had much to say. Not really trying , but not NOT trying either. Just in limbo for now.
  • ChandyRae ChandyRae's Avatar 01-12-05 | 06:29 PM
  • It's good to hear from you.
    I don't know where you're at exactly, but my aunt & cousins are in Houston and they're worried about subways being flooded. My smallest cousin is 5, and he prayed every morning and every night for two weeks that it would snow for Christmas, even though everyone told him that it almost never snows in Texas and he should give up. Then on Christmas Eve my aunt called, crying and laughing, and told us that it was snowing and he got to go outside and build a snowman.
    Now THAT is a Christmas miracle.

    I've never heard of the husband getting accupuncture when TTC, but it's worth a shot and it's great that he's open to it. And if things just don't work out naturally, adoption is a wonderful option, as you can make such a big difference in a child's life. My youngest brother is adopted, he came to our house straight from the hospital, and he couldn't be any more a part of our family, nor could we love him any more.
    Plus, you can choose a boy or girl. *lol* Hang in there, I know you've heard it a million times, but eventually something wonderful will happen and you'll be that much closer to having your very own baby to hold and love.

  • LeAnnimal LeAnnimal's Avatar 01-12-05 | 07:00 PM
  • Someone just told us about it and we have done no research on it yet. I'm going to read up and see. It would make sense though

    We are in north Texas, but still had snow, the snow in houston was awesome...

    Just heard news that we may be relocating to IN. I'm not sure how I feel yet, but I'm modestly open to the whole thing. I think.
  • ChandyRae ChandyRae's Avatar 01-13-05 | 12:48 PM
  • Because of DH's work? Hmm. Never been there, but it's worth a shot. Do you have family near there or in Texas? That would be the worst part, leaving family.

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