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male problems?

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  • twacky 07-17-06 | 10:48 AM
  • Do any of you wonderful ladies ttc here have any experience with testicular cancer? My dh survived tc about 12 years back after radiation and orchiectomy. According to all docs asked over the years, he should be fine if perhaps a tad low but we have been infertile 10 years. I have been trying to get a SA done for ages but it isnt done in our town, so that may take a while yet. In the meantime I would love to hear from anyone in the same or simillar situation.



  • Janine Janine's Avatar 07-17-06 | 11:18 AM
  • Wow, glad your Dh was able to beat cancer. I would definitely see about getting a SA. If you are having trouble getting it done in you rtown, is there a bigger city nearby where he could get it done?
  • twacky 07-18-06 | 08:49 AM
  • Its a very good thing he did beat it or I wouldnt be married now!
    Yes there is a bigger center one and a half hours drive away and I think I have almost got him to agree to get a saturday off soon in order to get the thing over with...I will insist that he do it as a birthday present to me!
  • IamSam IamSam's Avatar 07-18-06 | 09:43 AM


    Sorry but that is a great birthday present,

    "Here's your sterile cup honey, have a great time!"

    My DH had to have an SA, what a complete disaster that was!

  • twacky 07-18-06 | 10:16 AM
  • What happened?????
    Oh Lord, I am married to a total Virgo and if anything goes pear-shaped at the clinic I will not be able to drag him there again, not even hitched to a herd of wild horses!!