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male problems?

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  • Tracey and Neil Tracey and Neil's Avatar 07-18-06 | 05:46 PM
  • I am pleased for you both that he beat the cancer, but gobsmacked that they didn't do an SA as part of his post-cancer checks.

    I have to say that SA's are far easier and less embarrassing than anything else that a woman has to have as part of her fertility 'work-up'. Lets compare a male orgasm to trans-vaginal ultrasound, or internal examinations or laparoscopy!! NO competition! You get any complaints, then just remind them of the balance!!
  • twacky 07-19-06 | 03:55 AM
  • Oh yes, lets hear it for the transvaginal ultrasound !!!!



    "..poke, where's your left ovary hiding?, prod" and you wonder if your insides are all in their correct places afterwards.
    Isnt being a woman just wonderful?
    Unfortunately I wasnt in dh's life at the time of his treatment and it all took place in another city so I havent a clue what they did or didnt do and he cant remember anything much except being sick all the time and being forced to eat live yoghurt every day!. I have often wondered if there were any records but I think it will be simpler to just get one done asap.
  • IamSam IamSam's Avatar 07-19-06 | 08:08 AM
  • Oh I love the trasvaginal U/S esspecially when they slap the rubber over it! I have had several due to very pre-term labor, and with the last one the tech saw how thin my cervix was and said "stay right here, don't move I have to get the radioliogist"

    Oh ok like I'm going any where while holding this..... THING between my legs,


    I'm not even going into the MESS with the SA GROSE!!!!

  • twacky 07-19-06 | 09:26 AM
  • We should start a list of all the horrifying, undignified, and often hilarious (to others!) things gp's and gynaes have perpetrated against us in the name of science...
    Let me begin with the time many years ago when my ex-favourite gp inserted one of those icy-cold salad-tong thingys preparatory to doing a smear test and then took a 5 minute phone call from some old biddy with a backache!! Never has 5 minutes felt so much like a million years as,with knees gently trembling in the cold air, that thing slowly slipped out...
    If I sound a bit pathetic
    , in my defense, I was just barely out of my teens at he time!
  • canuckmom 07-19-06 | 09:49 AM

    Twacky - my husband is also a survivor of testicluar cancer. He was diagnosed at age 23 and about 6 months into our relationship - he has now been cancer free for 7 years at the end of August. He also went through the testical removal and chemotherapy. I'm not sure where you are, but here there was no SA done as part of his regular post treatment watch, we had to have it done on our own.