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My TTC story

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  • caitwest 08-10-17 | 08:51 AM
  • Hi Ladies! Hoping that everyone is great. I am writing my IVF story for all of you. Anyone who is unable to get pregnant can take inspiration from it. It all started when I had a miscarriage with our first child. At that time, I found out about my infertility. I had no option left rather than IVF. It was the only choice and our last hope. We tried IVF. In our first attempt, an egg was planted. Later on, that egg burst. We didn’t lose hope and tried again. This time everything happened according to us. I got pregnant. Now that baby is healthy and living a great life. So my sincere gratitude towards biotexcom for providing us this wonderful opportunity to become parents. Thanks, Regards and good luck to all.
  • Anari 09-05-17 | 08:44 AM
  • Of course, your story is with a good ending, but not everyone is doing so well. My sister had 4 unsuccessful attempts at IVF procedure, after which she lost hope. In addition, her health also began to deteriorate. But we thought that we should help her. I read on the Internet what to do in such cases. It turned out that the only way out was a surrogate maternity. But since my sister's husband agreed, she also did not mind. Her husband said that he will deal with all organizational issues himself. Because my sister had a poor mental state, she had hysterics and nervous breakdowns. In general, he found clinics in Ukraine and soon we all go there. It turned out that commercial surrogate motherhood is prohibited in Europe. We were so surprised, we never thought that such a popular service could be banned in Europe. We did not plan to go to America as it is expensive there. But it turned out that Ukraine is the most optimal option. But we still think which clinic to choose. But we definitely decided that we were going to Kiev.
  • dazzyshahu 09-11-17 | 07:08 AM
  • Hello friend, I am feeling happy to see that you have proper understanding about latest medical research based treatment IVF test tube baby. I like your cooperative nature. This is ideal decision to share your success story at this reliable platform that inspires many women to defeat infertility problem in easy and effective way. There are 20% women who are facing infertility problem in their life all over the world. I read your success story word by word that fulfill my whole body with confidence and inspire me also to share my success story at this reliable platform that is sufficient to clear doubts regarding IVF test tube baby treatment.
    The first and foremost thing I want to suggest to all women to handle this difficult situation with positive attitude toward life that provide sufficient energy to face this difficult situation in easy and effective way. It is golden time to remove stress and depression from your body and mind to reduce negative effect and create valuable platform for you to defeat this infertility demon with high success rate of IVF test tube baby treatment that become boon for infertile women all over the world. I want to express kind heart Thanks to all medical researchers who are working day and night to defeat infertility with advanced medical research based treatment in medical history. It is dream of every woman to enjoy healthy baby gift in their life that fulfill your whole life with happiness. It is your turn to enjoy healthy baby gift in your life with IVF test tube baby treatment at has capacity to provide real value of time and money to fulfill your dream into reality. I hope my success story provide sufficient information to clear all doubts to defeat infertility problem.
  • EmmaLK 11-23-17 | 09:09 AM
  • Hello. I'm really glad that your story has a happy ending. Unfortunately, I couldn't get pregnant after the IVF. We tried it twice but unsuccessfully. As a solution our doctor recommended us to go for the surrogacy. Actually, it was also our last option and our last hope. We wanted to become parents so much. That's why we agreed. I'm very glad that we did it because we are parents now. I'm very happy that medicine offers such opportunities as IVF and surrogacy nowadays. A lot of couples don't want to adopt. But they still have a chance to become happy parents. It's awesome. I just wish that the prices for this procedures were lower. I guess it will happen in the nearest future.
  • phoeben 12-04-17 | 05:49 PM
  • Hello, dear. I’m so glad you had a successful IVF. It’s really great. I’ve heard a lot of successful stories connected with IVF. My sister also got pregnant with the help of this procedure. She is a happy mother of twin boys now. I enjoy visiting them so much. I remember those times when she thought that she was infertile. She was so depressed. We were using every single opportunity to help her. I was reading a lot of fertility forums. That’s how I found out about IVF. We visited a lot of clinics. We have chosen the best one in Ukraine. In a couple of years I used the same clinic to enter the surrogacy program. After my sister’s successful IVF I was sure that they would help me. That’s how our son was born.
    We entered the surrogacy program after 6 years of ttc. We’ve gone through 3 attempts of IVF. Unfortunately, we didn’t succeed. So, we used surrogacy as our last option. And it worked! It makes me so happy. I always dreamed to be a mother. I’m glad that my dream came true.
    Unfortunately, surrogacy is not legal in most countries. This was the main reason why we have chosen Ukraine. They offered high quality service at pretty low price. They did everything on the highest level. We had a great apartment. Our surrogate was a great girl. We visited her a couple of times. We were sure that she was healthy and we had no problems with her.