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  • Star19 01-05-17 | 02:23 PM
  • Hello I was wondering if someone can help me. I had unprotected sex five days ago. Sex did not Last long maybe a few seconds or so because I felt uncomfortable and told him to stop. So he did not get to finish at all like ejaculation but I am still scared of precum even if sex was just in seconds. I don't know if I was ovulating or not so on that same day I went to the store and took an emergency contraception pill it was called Take action. Ever since that day I have been having cramps for four days after that situation with unprotected sex and taking that pill. Does anyone know if I have a huge chance of becoming pregnant? Or are these cramps a sign of something because I think five days is probably way too soon for pregnancy symptoms unless you cramp if your body is already having conception I don't know how it works
  • Latrina 11-10-17 | 02:30 PM
  • It is good to get concerned about such situations. In these situations girls usually get panicked. If you are facing this time you should better consult some doctor. As this involves your health. You should not take risks in this case. Cramps after such contraceptives are habitual as per my research. But you should duly concern your doctor. Before the condition gets worse. Moreover, you can use some more reliable pregnancy testing kits. This can be really helpful in such situations.*
  • Anari 12-14-17 | 07:04 AM
  • Question to the participants of the forum: Did you tell your friends about IVF and what was their reaction? My situation: I'm almost a doctor, I know my diagnosis for 4 years already. I studied everything, read everything, I took hormones, I went to doctors, I underwent several surgeries, I had a lot of hospitalizations. A friend always supported me, well, or I thought so (I do not know anymore). But she always said that everything would be fine, she is a very good person. But she has a complex character, with age she became stale, because on the way she had many difficulties.
    I told her about IVF, about monetary debts, it seemed to me that she would support me on this is not a light path. But for some reason I came across complete indifference. She generally believes that there is no need to be treated, surgery is not necessary, everything will pass by itself. When I told her about IVF she listened to me, but showed little interest. We corresponded with her on social networks, I briefly wrote her about my affairs. (For some reason it was easier for me, we are friends with her for 12 years). She knew that we should do a puncture, but did not even write me anything.
    Then two days later I came upset, because the result of fertilization did not please me. (Of 6 only 3 embryos and it is not known what will be by the 5th day). I wanted her to support me, she did not do it at all. She spoke to herself, then when I asked her what she was thinking, she began to say that she was not interested.I was offended, and I said that I would not speak to her about it any longer. And she rang the other day, and said that she already knows in advance that the result will not please me. Although I knew that I should be told tomorrow as my embryos and we must freeze them. Did anyone have such a misunderstanding from her friends? Sorry for the verboseness.
    Cry from the heart. Somehow it's already scary to share with someone, but I want to talk.
  • sara222 12-21-17 | 06:12 PM
  • I agree, you should talk to your doctor. Tell him everything that worries you. He will find a way, I am sure. Be strong my dear.
  • el123 11-16-18 | 10:59 AM
  • Hi, it seems to me that after taking this pill you could not get pregnant in 99% of cases. Therefore, you should not panic, this will not happen. But, having convulsions is not normal. Perhaps you should visit the doctor ?! But, it can also occur due to a strong nervous overstrain. It seems to me that if you go to a good specialist, he will help you avoid negative consequences and save you from anxiety. You have nothing to worry about, everything will be fine with you, I think you will not get pregnant.

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