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  • AllyMcScraps 09-08-04 | 11:14 PM
  • Hi all -

    I'm new here and just in the "is it time to try" faze... I'm trying to gather as much info on everything possible before we decide to take the big plunge. I am 28, my husband is 37m have a 12 year old step-son and will be married 2 years in a few weeks. SO many factors here!

    My husband isn't getting any younger, I'm getting older and my step-son doesn't want a brother or sister (oh well) and is entering the HORRID teenage years. I figured now can't be any worse than any other time because he'll probably be in his "I have everything" mode in the next year or so.... So - now is a better time then ever, right?

    So, I decided to see what info I could find on daycare costs, trying to conceive, being ready to conceive, not getting freaked out, etc... I'm SO overwhelmed. Only one of my close friends has had a baby and that was just a few months ago so she is in baby bliss and many states away so I don't have anyone to talk to that "understands". There is my DH, but well, he knows I over analyze things and I think he's just ready whenever I am (typical male, right?)


    I don't know what advice I'm looking for but if anyone is out there - let's hear it! :-)

    Thanks all!
  • Soon2BMomof3 Soon2BMomof3's Avatar 09-09-04 | 08:57 AM
  • Hi Becky! I was lurking on this board this morning because I am also contemplating "deciding to try". I had a miscarriage a little over a year ago and have been sort of afraid to try again. I also am scared to actually say out loud to anyone else that "I am trying". KWIM? I have a 14 year old son and a 2 year old daughter so I know what you are going through right now somewhat. My son is from a previous marriage and trust me he wasn't too thrilled about having a sibling, but it does get better. Your step-son will survive!

    Welcome and I hope you find the answers you are looking for!
  • Sonji Sonji's Avatar 09-09-04 | 05:56 PM
  • Hi Becky and welcome to the board. I am also in the getting ready to TTC phase. My first issue was stopping BCP which I did on Saturday, and now the trick will be to have a regular cycle. I don't have any children yet (just my furry baby). Best of luck to you.

  • AllyMcScraps 09-09-04 | 10:22 PM
  • Well, good news! Talked to my DH tonight (and oh how Darling he is!!) and we decided to definitely start trying... He was even talking about being a stay at home dad so we didn't have to do the daycare thing... We'll see how it all works out - it's a long way away - but it's so nice to know that he is feeling the same way I am.

    It was funny because we were standing outside of the Chinese food place waiting for food (starting with some healthy eating, huh?) and he just blurts out "I think we should start". I had no idea what he was talking about cause we had already stopped talking about that stuff... So I asked him what and he said "our family!" It was so nice to hear... With him being older and already having a son, I was feeling a bit like I was the only one that wanted kids.... but I guess not!

    Anyhow - good luck to both of you girls.... I loved reading the past posts on here and learning about everyones trials and tribulations... I'll keep you updated and hope you will do the same!

  • ChandyRae ChandyRae's Avatar 09-10-04 | 12:04 AM
  • That's great news! Welcome, I'm Chandra, we've already decided but I still hang out here.
    Good luck!!

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