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New Here and have a question

New Here and have a question

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  • slyemouse 08-19-09 | 03:24 PM
  • Ok, I know I am crazy I am over 40 and now TTC number 5... with no luck. YEARS back,, well 7 to be exact I used Black Cosh (think that is what the herb was called) and I think it was dimeatap to help with the lack of mucus during ovulation, but its been so long so I can't remember. Does anybody have any suggestions? I don't have much in the line of mucus when I ovulate and need help in that department. Any suggestions would be very appreciated. Thanks!

  • Tdelane 11-17-09 | 01:34 AM
  • Sorry I have no help. I will ask around to some of my other friends. Good Luck
  • Tracey and Neil Tracey and Neil's Avatar 11-24-09 | 06:49 AM
  • Hi there! Welcome to TBC!!

    I'm almost 37 and so know what you mean, although I have only just had #1 after 10 years of TTC, so you're somewhat ahead of my game on the children front!!

    As we approach and get into our 40s we can frequently skip ovulation even if we continue to have regular periods, we may have only one day or less of fertile fluid.

    The simplest way of increasing cervial fluid is to drink lots of water and avoid antihistamines. However, the simplest way to sort out a lack of cervical mucus is to use lubricants that will do the same function as your cervical fluid carrying the sperm to the uterus. Use lubricants that are water based and do not contain any harmful chemicals or spermicides.

    Black cohosh is the herb you're talking about and it's used to treat symptoms of menopause. But I think it's evening primrose oil which is reputed to be most helpful with cervical fluid. Avoid vitamin C as this can dry up fluid. But I'm no expert (just had been TTC for too many years, and so read WAY too much!!)

    I hope this helps!