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Is it normal?

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  • countryloving1234 02-02-17 | 12:17 AM
  • December 16, 2016 I was suppose to start my period which I was spotting for two days but not enough to wear a pad. Only was bloody when I wiped. I was a week late before I started a heavier period. It lasted three days but normally it last five days. I had sex while being on my period numerous times for the next couple days. I have all the signs of being pregnant starting the beginning of the year. Still been getting sick every morning when I wake up and late at night. I took a pregnancy test and it comes back negative. Last month I had a period still but like December it was shorter than the rest of my periods. I am a mother of three now but never had this happen with any of them. Could I be pregnant? Is this normal to expierence this? Any advice would be appreciated.
  • Lanab37 02-18-17 | 02:34 AM
  • Hello darling I have 2 children, and I started bleeding a day early, but really bright red in color, (never my whole life dealt with this). Well it went from heavy for one whole day to light and dark brown the next. Now doing nothing. Never had a period remotely close to this. I'm praying I get my BOG soon. I had a friend who had a similar problem to yours, and she just knew something was off. You know God have us precious women that thing called intuitions, she just knew,and 1 week later she tested and got a BFN, but that deep guy feeling told her to test one more time, cause she was ready to give up. Well thank God she didn't, cause she had gotten her BFP!!!!!! I pray that you gotten yours, or will get it! !!!! Baby dust to you!!!!
  • katrinarichs45 03-22-17 | 06:46 AM
  • I think it's normal. One of my friends has experienced the same but she took the pregnancy test and the result was negative.