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not another Negative Test!!!

not another Negative Test!!!

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  • luvmyneo 06-03-06 | 10:58 AM
  • [SIZE=1]HI everybody MY name is Colleen[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=1]I have been TTC for 4 months now. I have to say TTC is very stressful to me. Im 12 days late yet no (+) test only (-) ! UGGG!!! It is so upsetting to me. 2~ weeks after ovulation day I got very tired, breast swelled and felt heavier, nipples enlarged , had headaches, and I was due for my ( F ) on May 24th it never came.... ( on May 27,28th, I had a Clear thick Jelly like discharge ) ( Never had that texture before ) I have alot of symtoms yet the test will not come up ( + ),,,,
    I am very upset.. Has anyone else had false negative test? IF so what do you reccomend? I would appreciate any help or adivice!!!

    [SIZE=1]thank YOu!


  • JennaMC 06-03-06 | 01:39 PM

    I'd recommend getting a blood test done to make sure.
  • MariahsMommy 06-03-06 | 04:01 PM

    It is possible to not get a +HPT You are in my thoughts and prayers
  • Janine Janine's Avatar 06-03-06 | 09:30 PM
  • I agree with luvnu. Go get a blood test! They are much more accurate. Plus, if you aren't then maybe the doc can figure out why you are so late and pinpoint a problem you are having with concieving. Try not to be too discouraged, 4 months is really not that long. Most people get too stressed when TTC, IMHO and do themselves more harm than good.