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Nuristerate and fertility

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  • Heidi179 09-09-17 | 05:35 PM
  • Hi there. I have been on Nuristerate for 10 months and am now wanting to conceive but my periods are very irregular. Is it true that I need to go on a low dosage of Mercilon (the pill), in order to regulate my periods?
  • g4408380 09-13-17 | 12:00 PM
  • Hi dear. I am telling you my story. My cycles ranged from 35 days to 69!! and I could never pinpoint OV with temps or looking for EWCM, so we DTD every other night for 69 days (well after my period had finished) we were still doing it even when I started experiencing morning sickness etc!! Wed conceived on day 35 that cycle, I had no idea, it was purely keeping a fresh supply of sperm that did it! That was our 11 month of trying and we'd been active but not that active. With the second one I got PG straight away on around day 22, it just seemed to be easier that time around- good luck and get shagging, regularly (btw I’d had the blood to check for any issues, there weren’t any I just has irregular periods, DH did have slightly 'lazy' sperm too). But to my rescue, I got a good gynecologist from Ukraine whose tips helped me a lot. Best wishes for your future to get a healthy child. Be safe and stay blessed.