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pg after tubal

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  • llluvley1 llluvley1's Avatar 12-13-04 | 03:14 PM
  • I had a tubal after my csection in november 03 and in july 04 i was 3 weeks late i took a hpt and 2 my surprise got a dark + then went 2 the docs and he confirmed. i started bleeding later and went 2 the hosp and had ultrasound etc and i ended up mc it was in my uterus not my tube, i shouldnt have got the tubal 2 begin with but others basically talked me in2 it. i was wondering if any1 nos what the chance that i might get pg again would b? Now i feel like i am supposed to have another i LOVE being a mom and cant imagine myself or my dh with no little ones around (just 1 more) I hope
  • the_littleminx the_littleminx's Avatar 12-15-04 | 02:57 PM
  • I have no experience with tubals and so dont' really have any info. I hope someone can answer your question for you.

    Also, sorry for your loss.
  • bjlmom bjlmom's Avatar 01-02-05 | 02:58 PM
  • sorry late responding....

    when they did the u/s, did they look at your tubes???? Sometimes the tubes can repair themselves or the little eggie will find it's way to the uterus anyways. I would have a dr. take a look.
  • llluvley1 llluvley1's Avatar 01-04-05 | 07:40 PM
  • yea they did an internal and external but he said he could open me up and c what happened. But i didnt want that so i never wnet back i prolly should have jus 2 c .

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